What Made Me Smile Today...

The entrance to the Parker Palm Springs.

The most amazing bathroom / closet that includes a library ladder. Amazing.
Picture via Design Sponge

A breathtaking built-in by Betsy Burnham.
Picture via Revival Home & Garden

Pigs, pigs and more pigs.

Elaborate and detailed molding with classic and clean furniture.
Picture via Domino

The perfect ponytail with the perfect black bow.
Picture via This is Glamorous

Finding out I have a stalker. A blog stalker that is. My wonderful friend Brooke probably hates that I am sharing this, but she told me about a girl in her office that she shared my blog with and apparently has taken to blog stalking me. I hope to meet you soon blog stalker. Happy Tuesday.


  1. What's a blog stalker? Hilarious! Loving these pics!

  2. Love it. And some even better news: you have TWO blog stalkers!