Shoe Problem

I knew I had a shoe problem, but when I was going through my "inspiration images" I noticed a lot of the pictures were of shoes and not interiors.


Picture via Erin Ever After

Picture via Domino

Picture via Captivate Me

Picture via Apartment #34


  1. Yum!! I keep my shoes in their boxes and I label them with a label maker.

  2. I used to do that but then I felt liek I forgot about some of my shoes. Now I have a wall of shelving in my closet and they all sit out! SOOO pretty everytime i walk in my closet.


    Rebecca June

  3. I think all of these images are so wonderful. How can you not like pictures of shoes/closets? They are the best!

  4. Oh, love every single picture!

    As for my little snowflake project, I cut out lots of snowflakes which I love but after that I lost steam and just taped them to the window instead of stringing them up. Not quite the same effect but still quite pretty and festive. :)

    Merry Christmas to you!