Not long ago I stumbled upon the beautiful website Blydesign. Not realizing what I had just discovered, I was hooked once I started perusing the pages of treasures on my computer screen.

Katherine Bly Cromer started Blydesign from a single sentimental idea that came after her grandmother had passed away. She had kept a beautiful, faceted crystal from her grandmothers chandelier and decided to put it on a chain to keep it close to her. From that moment forward she began looking for other unique items that could become beautiful pieces of jewelry. Let me just say, she has accomplished that ten fold!

Take a look:

Not only does Katherine do jewelry for you, but also for your home! I am lusting after these beauties!

Of course I could not resist for long and I bit the bullet when I saw this gorgeous raw, smokey edged quartz necklace calling my name!

It is heavy and feels amazing on!

Pictures via Blydesign


  1. Your necklace is Gorgeous.. I love the cuff too! xo

  2. I love it all!
    Your necklace is beautiful and looks great on you!

  3. look super cute on you! I love that first bracelet! soo cute!

  4. I love pyrite.... Looks great....