Fashion Designer

I have to say that most people tend to think that they are either interior design oriented or fashion oriented. I think if you are in either field, that you probably have a little bit of both in you.

I mean, would you hire an interior design to design your home if she could not dress herself? No.

Anyways, I tend to think I really am more even than leaning one way or another. It is a problem for me, my husband, and my wallet. I do want to try and bring a little more fashion to my blog though because it is something that I love and dream about in my spare time.

I thought I would start with this. A fashion DIY. I think good ones are hard to find, but this one might need an attempt. If not for me, for my soon-to-be lucky little niece.

Picture via We Are Not Martha

Glitter shoes.

I am a sucker for a sparkle, and the Miu Miu glitter shoes that I usually dream of at night, are slightly (ok, a lot) out of my price range, but maybe with THIS step-by-step, I can make my own.

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