J. Crew Jollies

So apparently it has gotten around that I want to live in J. Crew.

I do not know what happened but their clothes have become more appealing to me in the last few months than I can tell you.

Well, so with my birthday I got a few gift cards and got to have a fun evening of carefree shopping. Besides a few basics like a long sleeve black sweater, basic tees, and some cream shorts, I also got the following...

This is your best old friend. It is perfectly worn in and has the bast faded electric blue color to go right along with it.

I needed a smaller and lighter colored chambray shirt to tuck into skirts and this one was it.

How could I not?

A basic that I got in black and white.

This was something I never would have gotten on my own, but I was persuaded to try them on in the Vintage Miltary color and they are so light it feels like I have nothing on. SOLD.

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