So I have been a bad blogger.

I know, I have done this before. I am apologizing again. I hope you all accept.

I have been in a month of work chaos that is bookended by wedding blitz. One busy job, 2 BFFs weddings, and showers, and bachelorette parties.

Not to mention I like my husband, my dog, and my TV time.

Anyways, Last weekend was a fun filled trip to the desert - Palm Springs. It was hot outside and inside. I dropped pounds I am sure dancing my buns off in Toucans.
(FYI, its the number one gay club in all of PS)

Here is how it all started:

Attempting to pack for the heat.

Finally getting it narrowed down.

Night number twos footwear of choice.

The skirt and clutch to go with.

This is what was happening prior to leaving the house. We were prepped for fun.

All Pictures via Rebecca June

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