Peace, Pearls, and Perfection

This was one of the most special presents I got for my 30th birthday.

I love family heirlooms (jewelry most of all) and this piece will forever mean the world to me.

For my birthday my parents took pearls from each of my grandmothers and then bought this beautiful diamond peace clasp and had them turned into one gorgeous bracelet.

At some point my mother realized that her mother and my fathers mother both had almost identical 1940's Mikimoto pearls. While pearls are beautiful, each strand was very delicate and not quite our style. That is when my most clever mother took them to her jeweler and had her weave them together and add the clasp.

The result, something that is not only gorgeous but that has a wonderful meaning and sentiment behind it. Even better, it was placed in the original 1940's Mikimoto box that the pearls originally came in.

Picture via Rebecca June

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  1. How lovely and beautifull! Love presents with a history! Happy 30th b-day!