Dramatic Doors

I really think that your front door sets the tone for the home that you are about to enter. That being said, I would love to be able to visit the following homes...

Picture via Dustjacket Attic

Kristan Cunningham

Ashley Olsen
Picture via Marie Claire

If you are like me and cannot change your front door due to condo rules or HOAs, try doing what I did. I painted the inside of my front door a glossy black. It really makes a statement at the end of the hall and becomes part of the home rather than just an exit route.


  1. I love those doors. The green one with the black wall next to it is stunning and I am obsessed with Ashley Olsen. She would make any doors look good.

  2. My front door is all scratched up because of all the crap I have moved in and out. That high gloss black sounds sick! I would love to have the balls to paint it turquoise or red or something like that.

  3. Oh I'm a fan of coloured front doors, I'm actually trying to think of what would look good on a new house we are builing. Was looking at doors today, believe it or not!