Melrose Place HEARTS Jamie Young

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So I have been waiting for Melrose Place to start! I was even more excited when I saw this sneak peak of the interiors. The set decorator obviously had used and knew how gorgeous Jamie Young lamps were because they are everywhere! I have a Lucky Table Lamp in my Living Room with an awesome Burlap Shade. I love it.

More importantly though, what did you guys think of the show?


  1. I forgot to watch it! I can imagine it was ridiculous though. I HATED the new 90210, I hope its better than that! Is it worth watching?

  2. omg, i completely forgot to set my tivo for this. thanks for the reminder! -t

  3. I have not seen it yet! It is on my DVR at my house that I hope to return to someday. I cannot wait!


    Rebecca June