I Love Things.

I have a constant battle trying to keep things from being too cluttered. My problem? I love things, stuff, and watchamacallits. I love it all. I am constantly asking myself, "Where can I put this thing?" For the most part I am pretty good, but my husband recently told me (after I came home from the flea market with another 'thing' (meaning that beautiful barnacle cluster) to put on top of books, that the house was looking cluttered. I guess my problem is that I like that look. I think it looks more lived in and more like my home. Don't get me wrong, I adore a clean and fresh looking space, but I just cannot seem to escape my personal love for cool stuff.

I want this glass thing.
Picture via Pink Wallpaper

Books stacked on the floor look chic.

What is this thing in this box that Eddie Ross has? I want one too!
Picture via Lonny

Books and baskets and treasures...Oh my!
Picture via Delight by Design

A pile of purses.

Stuff piled on a mantle. Yes please!
Picture via Design*Sponge


  1. I saw the TB boots on someone at SCP this weekend and commented how much I loved them. Boots are everywhere! Oh BTW, if you find the bubbly thing I want one too! Have a lovely time in Paris. :) xoxo

  2. I too love things! Husband does not :*( .. I have been working on finding a happy medium, but he may just have to deal lol. The designer in me says "I'm the one with good taste, so let me do my thang" haha. Oh and also, I love that bubbly thing too.

  3. Oh that is so sweet, go for what you love I say. Love the third last pic.