Red Carpet Rooms 10.21.09

Kate Hudson rarely disappoints on the red carpet. She is never the same for any two events and is willing to take a chance. Not to mention it always looks effortless. That is exactly how i feel a room should seem. Bold and effortless.

Black and White Graphic.

Picture via The Goods Design

Light and Natural

Bright and Bold


  1. I love how you do these "red carpet rooms!" You do such a great job and it is always fun to see how the clothes and rooms compliment each other!

  2. Can you do this at least once a week? I love it! In the cowl neck dress, the feathers and headboard shape mimic the shape of the dress!!! Genius! Dont think I dont notice this stuff.

    BTW, HAVE A GREAT TRIP!!! So excited for you!

  3. My wife is a fan of Kate Hudson, and I m sure she'll be happy to know the way you've compared Kate with the interiors of a room. Our room has a Mediterranean ambiance. My wife covered our floor with carpet. I just like it! Carpets can be high in maintenance, good thing we have help from Seattle carpet cleaner. Thanks again for sharing.