Paint 'em Dark, Paint 'em Light

So I have become a nail polish fiend lately, and I love the winter months because I love a good moody hue on my nails.

The problem is it is not always easy to find shades that you want to wear again and again.
Unless you go to Deborah Lippmans line.

Here are two of my most recent purchases:
(thank you Birchbox!)
They describe this on the Deborah Lippman website as mood ring green/blue - divine.

This one is described as putty-licious gray (creme). Mmm.
I will say I was weary of this color because gray I think can instantly make it look like your nails have died, but this really is light and creamy.

Also, I got these both for free via Birchbox! Premium sized samples from amazing lines every month and I earn points to get things for free??? Win/win.

I love that site and with the points I have earned from referrals and sending in reviews on the products they have sent me I got $32 worth of nail polish for free! You can pick anything, but as much as i love Deborah Lippman it is hard to pay $16 a bottle. Free is more like it.

Email me if you are interested and I will send you an invite. It is totally worth it.


  1. My friend totally loves her Birchbox gifts coming month after month! Thanks for the great gift idea and referral =)