Tune In Tuesday - Amsale Girls

My name is Rebecca and I am a TV junkie.

I cannot help it. I was raised that way. How many young children went to sleep watching Maude? Two - my brother and I.

Anyways, I have started watching another new show and I am becoming addicted.

Amsale Girls follows the bridal consultants in the Amsale showroom in NYC.

You may be thinking to yourself, "This sounds just like Say Yes to the Dress."
It does, but its not.

You do not get as much backstory on the clients and you really get more info on the consultants. It is not quite as crazy and as my mother pointed out, there is no token gay man helping dress the brides.

It is a an interesting look into the bridal world AND you get to see the hundreds of gorgeous Amsale dresses up close and personal.

Top and Bottom Pictures via The Lela New York Wedding Blog

So, if you can find time or room on your DVR, check the WE tv website and find out when it will be on in your time zone!

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