Tune in Tuesday - My Favorite Place

So I do not usually tune in to HGTV just to see what is on. I usually have a show I am dying to watch - Secrets From a Stylist - or I DVR shows to watch as I lull myself to sleep - House Hunters International.

Well, when we leave our casa, we leave the TV on for Miss Dorothy Mantooth so she is not lonely. Not to mention, she is a TV junkie. (Like her mother, like daughter.) She has 2 options: Disney or HGTV. She gets only these because they are the 2 channels that nothing scary will ever pop up on.

Anyways, as I left the house the other day, I turned on HGTV for Dorth and a show was starting that I had not heard of...My Favorite Place. I hit record and went out the door. When I came home I started it up to see if it was anything I would be interested in. HELLO NEW FRIEND! I scored.

Basically, the show showcases 3 designers or celebrities showing you around their "favorite place" which is either their home or a clients.

This past episode was Lela Rose, Nick Olsen, and Moby.

Here is the three story abode Lela Rose calls home in NYC.

Meanwhile, here is Moby's home *ahem* CASTLE.

Who knew?

Check out when it is on HERE.

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