bettershelter was actually discovered by my mother, so I must give credit where credit is due.  However, they are absolutely amazing!  Founded by Steve Jones and Peter Zehdner, both veterans of the surf and skate industry, their newest project 12@Elden looks to be as successful as their careers.  The bettershelter philosophy revolves around the idea of filling a void in the Southern California housing market.  They believe that there are young, design driven individuals that are looking to settle down and cannot afford housing that appeals to their design aesthetic.  That is where bettershelter comes in.  They set out to buy old bungalows and renovate them with not only style, but also a green sensibility.  After a complete and meticulous overhaul bettershelter promises you a lovely, affordable, "Coastal Modern" home that you can enjoy in the heart of Southern California.

Each home has a private, open space.

FSC wood flooring

Energy Star appliances


  1. we definitely need more of this--what a great concept! (I would love to live in any of these gorgeous spaces)

  2. Thanks Rebecca, we appreciate!