The Devil Wears Prada, Chanel, Hermes...

Last night when I got in bed to go to sleep, I stumbled upon The Devil Wears Prada on television.  Never good.  I cannot resist that movie and all of the amazing eye candy that is in it.  The clothes and the scenery just get me every time.  So, of course, I was up exceptionally late but I thought I would share some of my favorite fashion moments.

Yes, those are 'THE' Chanel boots.

One of many amazing Chanel necklaces.

Winter white and a Nancy Gonzalex Croc bag...yum.

So I just thought I would show you an interesting comparison between Anna Wintour's office and Miranda Priestly's office.  Isn't it odd how even the mirror is the same shape?  I wonder...


  1. I'm with you-if I'm just channel surfing and come across this movie I HAVE to watch it. Such a great movie-Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt look fabulous in it. That green coat is my absolutely fav!

  2. Any idea who designed the outfit that Anne Hathaway is wearing in the pic above of her in Miranda Priestly's office?

  3. Any idea where I can get a full body picture of the outfit right at the top? The one "Andrea" wore to "Miranda's" house. Totally digged that outfit. Reminds me a bit of Amanda Laird Cherry's stuff.

  4. I've read the book and own the movie. Lauren Weiseberger's depiction of the fashion industry is pretty dead on, and the movie really brought it to life-with a few changes. Either way, it's addicting and so are the clothes they're wearing :)