A little pied-a-terre in the BIG NYC

So what are the chances that you will find a beautiful home in the perfect location in NYC that is also big enough for all of your things?  The chances are tiny, just like this little 700 square foot pied-a-terre that Stephanie Snyder (who works in commercial real estate) fell in love with.  However once she saw the small balcony that looked over Park Avenue, she knew she had to make it work.  She teamed up with designer John Barman to make her pint size pad feel bigger than life.

The dark foyer that is paired with mirrors that sets it apart from the rest of the home.

The colors in the pillows and the art make the clean living room come to life.

Her office area that has my DREAM chairs!  Everywhere I see them they are just labeled vintage.  Anyone know where I can find them?

The beautiful bedroom with the mirrored wall and soffit that directly ties into the built-in storage.  You have gotta LOVE that lucite chair and the light fixture!

All pictures via Metropolitan Home

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