A True Master Bath

I am sure these pictures do not do these bathrooms justice, but they do help me get my list for my DREAM Master Bath ready.

1. A LARGE window that lets in a lot of natural light

2. A freestanding tub to soak in

3. A sofa where I can lounge on while I am drying off

4. Hardwood floors

5. An exposed ceiling or brick wall

6. A pop of color

7. A large mirror

8. Last, but not least, a fireplace

Do you think I am overdoing it?


  1. Looks like heaven!!! I really would love to live in the bathroom you create!

    One more thing you forgot to include, since we are in fantasy land. An outdoor shower with a teak or slate floor.... Nothing better!!

  2. Btw, as far as wood floors in a bathroom or kitchen... I know people do it all the time, but how does it hold up? I think there is really nothing sexier than hardwood floors...

  3. I think hardwood floors can hold up, as long as you are not a big tub person and you are going to be having water sloshed around all of the time. Other thatn that, you are right, nothing better than hardwoods everywhere!

    I woudl love an outdoor shower. I had an amazing one when I visited Costa Rics...jungle, teak, and monkeys. :)


    Rebecca June

  4. that sounds like the PERFECT combo for a master bath. now i feel like ripping mine apart and starting over! Swoon.