So while I was in Europe I became obsessed with doors. Every house had a color door and every door was a piece of art on its own. These were by far a few of my favorites.

Notre Dame Doors

This door was just ridiculously amazing in person.

Musee de l'Armee Doors

These amazing gray doors with detailed gold leafing were in the Army Museum where Napoleons tomb is. I was surprised by how stunning they were.

Random London Door

I was in a taxi when I snapped this one. The blue was the perfect pale robins egg blue that didn't look pastel or easter egg-ish at all. Not to mention, there were several paparazzi waiting on scooters and in cars across the street form it so someone interesting must have been inside!

Embassy Doors

These were the doors to one of the MANY foreign embassies (we never found the US one) that we passed while in Paris. Between the bright blue and stunning gold door knockers I fell in love.

I think we really need to step it up and the HOA's in our communities need to let us have a little fun.


  1. We totally understand your obsession. Love the robins egg blue door and the stunning Embassy door. Thank you

  2. ooo love that pale blue door! i wonder who lives there! a celeb with great style i suppose!