Furniture STORE Friday 11.6.09

Was I the only one unaware of this beautiful store? I stumbled upon Flamant in Paris while walking down the Rue Saint-Honore. I was floored when I walked in and truly never wanted to leave. This store makes you feel like Parisian-chic living is attainable and at your fingertips. I took several photos of this three story location, but some did not turn out as well as I hoped. I am sad to find out that there are no locations in the US at the moment but I am hoping that will change. They also had a beautiful book that I wanted to purchase. It was sadly so early in our day and I really did not want to carry around a copy, or three, for the rest of the day so I had to pass. I thought for sure it would be on Amazon, but no such luck. I am thinking I may be making a long-distance call to Paris in the near future and trying to get one shipped to me. It would be well worth the trouble!

The lovely store exterior.

One of two staircases.

The upstairs vignette.

The book I wish I could have.

I want this bed.

The beautiful hall of mirrors that leads you upstairs.

Overall - UH-mazing.

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