Reading List

I was updating my Amazon Wishlist today and I thought I would share some of my current wants and some of my favorite books with you guys.

Let's face it. We all at one point LOVED the Shabby Chic aesthetic and I am no exception. I still love Rachel Ashwells point of view and this book documents many of her inspirations as well as her Los Angeles home. It is a MUST!

Speaking of personal homes, I am hoping to find this lovely book under the Christmas tree since I feel like I have already been waiting for it all year long! Inside Kellys newest book is not only her recent unpublished projects, but also her Beverly Hills home.

Everyone knows that Jamie Rummerfield and Ron Woodson are beyond fabulous, and let me tell you so is their book! It is not only gorgeous on the inside but the outside is black silk with gold gilding! UH-mazing.

Now for some of my personal favorites...

Pictures of designers Hamptons homes. Need I say more?

The staple for every home.

The gorgeous Tom Ford book. I was beyond excited the day I got this one. Not only are the pictures stunning, but so is Tom!

What are the books that everyone else thinks are must haves?


  1. My husband surprised me with HUE last week... its a goodie but Kelly's other book Modern Glamour is one of my alltime favorites!

  2. I really want the last 2 books. Great for a cocktail table the coral and the black.

  3. Those are almost all on my wishlist! Also on it, Inspired Spaces by Suzanne Kasler and Inspired Styles from Assouline.

  4. Oh my gosh, there are some seriously good books there. Love your list.

  5. I love that you pointed out that everyone at sometime loved the Shabby Chic look, because it's so true! Great list, thanks for sharing!