The Incident

So on Friday night this is what I was doing with my sweet baby girl Dorothy Mantooth...putting socks on her and making her pose for pictures.

I mean, you can see she is pretty happy with it.

On Saturday night here is what she looked like.

My poor sweet little girl was bit by another dog and it sent her to the ER on Saturday night. She had to have stitches and this huge bandage that made her look like she was wearing a TIGHT turquoise vest.

The even worse part...I was off to Scottsdale for work bright and early the next morning. When I tell you I cried for pretty much all of Saturday and Sunday, including at the airport security when they asked me how I was, I mean it. I was afraid security was thinking that I was trying to smuggle something onto the plane and I was crying because I got caught.

I made my husband stay home from work an take care of our child. On Monday she was allowed to have the bandages removed because the wounds were done draining. I was thrilled to see her furry body exposed on monday night when I came home.

So on Tuesday Dorothy came to work with me.

All Pictures via Rebecca June

I set up her bed and made her a "designer dog" for the day. She greeted clients and the Fed Ex man in between getting treats. Like everyone, she was happy when the work day was over and she could go home and relax from her tough day.

I cannot wait for her stitches to be removed and for her to be off her medicine probably more than she can.

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