Red Carpet Room 1.16.2012

So I thought about listing the multiple dresses and ladies that I thought looked stunning last night - Mila Kunis, Laura Dern, Heidi Klum - I also thought about listing the ones that missed...yet again. While in my daily life I tend to be filled with hate - yes, its true - I try to keep my blog happy and a happy outlet rather than another stressful place.

I decided to pick out two of my favorites and do an oldie but a goodie - Red Carpet Rooms.

Julianne Moore in Chanel

Chanel can do no wrong and Julianne tends to know how to play up her hair and make it work for her. The details of the black Chanel dress and that hit of emerald green from those gorgeous drop earrings were spot on.

Very similar to the Soho House.

Charlize Theron in Dior

Now Charlize usually picks out a little avant garde pieces to wear but every once in awhile they really work for her. I do not know if it was the softness of the material and the fold in her blush colored dress or that perfect amount of sparkle from her crystal from her headband, but I loved it. This was much better than that dress that made her look like she was wearing cupcakes on her chest from last year.

The softness and lightness were matched by the light and detail in this beautiful room.

So the question is...do you agree with me?

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