Bon Voyage

I might have been more on top of my packing if I had this suitcase...

Ready or not I am on my way!

I am so sorry that I am so behind and will sadly have no posts for you guys while I am gone. I will make up for it with a plethora of posts when I get back.

I will see you all on November 4th!



Travel in Style

I am hoping that I can look as cool and stylish as this girl when I am abroad!


Red Carpet Rooms 10.21.09

Kate Hudson rarely disappoints on the red carpet. She is never the same for any two events and is willing to take a chance. Not to mention it always looks effortless. That is exactly how i feel a room should seem. Bold and effortless.

Black and White Graphic.

Picture via The Goods Design

Light and Natural

Bright and Bold


Stairs that make a Statement

Picture via Sketch 42

Ryan Browns Home

Kelly Wearstlers Home
Picture via The Goods

Max Azrias Home
Picture via So Haute


Shine Light, Shine Bright

Just the other day I had the opportunity to go down to Shine as they had recently opened a new showroom in Orange County. I had used there lamps before on projects, but had never seen everything in person. I was dumb-founded by the beauty of every piece that I saw. Each was interesting, fun, and exquisitely made. I was just looking for a lamp and some bedding for a little girls room I was doing this time, but I would for sure keep them on my list when I needed bigger pieces!

Manhatten Sofa

Florence Chair

I did this one for a client and it is stunning!

I think my mother would like a few of these.


I Want This In My House.

If someone can move this bathroom that is currently in Molly Sims house to my house, I would appreciate it. Thanks.


Red Carpet Rooms 10.12.09

Who doesn't love Natalie Portmans style? She looks amazing in everything and she always is wearing something I want!

Simple, soft, and structured.

Classic and clean.

Perfectly pink with a touch of shine.


I Love Things.

I have a constant battle trying to keep things from being too cluttered. My problem? I love things, stuff, and watchamacallits. I love it all. I am constantly asking myself, "Where can I put this thing?" For the most part I am pretty good, but my husband recently told me (after I came home from the flea market with another 'thing' (meaning that beautiful barnacle cluster) to put on top of books, that the house was looking cluttered. I guess my problem is that I like that look. I think it looks more lived in and more like my home. Don't get me wrong, I adore a clean and fresh looking space, but I just cannot seem to escape my personal love for cool stuff.

I want this glass thing.
Picture via Pink Wallpaper

Books stacked on the floor look chic.

What is this thing in this box that Eddie Ross has? I want one too!
Picture via Lonny

Books and baskets and treasures...Oh my!
Picture via Delight by Design

A pile of purses.

Stuff piled on a mantle. Yes please!
Picture via Design*Sponge


I See London, I See France...

Ok people...it is on!

I am leaving in two weeks exactly for London and Paris for 11 days. I am still in utter shock. I need to pull it together though and I need your help! Where to go, what to see...I know everyone has shops or restaurants that they can recommend so please do!

Je t'aime Europe!



While digging through my ever growing inspiration photos on my computer, I found this image. I have no idea where I found it, where it is from, or whose it is, but I love it. The rooms are so large and open and yet with the warm glow from the chandeliers and the velvet sofa and chairs it somehow feels cozy.


Out of Control

It is quite possible that I may be going on a spur of the moment trip to Paris. I have visions of the Eiffel Tower dancing through my head!

Picture via Captivate Me


They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Sometimes one color is just right.

Picture via Habitually Chic

Picture via Semigloss Chic

Picture via Shelter

Picture via Sketch 42

Picture via Habitually Chic

Picture via Cottage Living