Inky Blue, I Love You

Picture via Dress Design Decor

Kate Schintzius
Picture via Design Sponge

Carrie and Bigs Apartment

After seeing these, how could you not?


Hickory Chair Showroom

Even though I was unable to got to High Point this year, I at least got to see the new Hickory Chair showroom!


I hope to see it in person next year for their 100 year anniversary!


Texas Treat

Since seeing this post over at Full House the other day, I have not been able to get this Texas home out of my mind.

HUGE, striped wingback chairs

Worn Leather

Sconces, sconces, and more sconces

Utility Sink Chic

All Pictures via Full House


Time to Celebrate

Picture via Erin Ever After

I had a lot of reasons to celebrate this weekend.

4 Birthdays and my best friend got engaged.

Life is good.


Happy Birthday

to my beautiful mother.

Picture via Dana Grant Photography

Without you, I would not be me.


Are You In or Out?

These rams head coktail tables have been around for awhile, but which way do you prefer the rams heads facing?


Picture via Coco & Kelley



I think I prefer them facing in.


Deer Bloggers

I think the fashion bloggers have a very specific direction that they go when decorating their homes.

Picture via The Glamourai

Picture via Atlantis Home


Whisper on a Wednesday

Sometimes style can be loud, even if it is as quiet as a whisper.

Picture via Aubrey Road

Picture via J. Crew

Picture via Erin Ever After


And You?

What makes each of these pictures my fave:

Picture via Desire to Inspire

The Puppy
Who doesn't love a cute dog in a hot pink chair?

Picture via Escapade

The Marbled Paper
Rainbow swirl art on top of zebra - die.

Picture via Shelter

That Brass Table
Swirling Rings of Brass
What more could a girl ask for?

Picture via Lonny

The Lighting
That masculine and shiny pharmacy lamp below that drippy crystal sconce. Mmm.




Picture via Escapade

I have not been able to stop thinking about this picture since I saw it the other day.

I want to read books and take naps in this room.


I Come with Baggage

I saw this over at Moth Design today...

Picture via Moth Design

and realized I have sort of the same scenario going on in my bedroom right at the moment.

Picture via Moi

Of course the hubs isn't too thrilled with this, but who cares.


Trunk Up, Good Luck

If you liked this guy from Lonny...

Picture via High Heeled Foot in the Door

then buy HIM.
Pier 1


Shady Lady

Fall makes gray more appealing than it already is.

Picture via Tracery Interiors

Picture via Veranda

Michael Graydon

Karl Lagerfeld
Picture via Habitually Chic


You Turn Me On

Picture via 100 Layer Cake

I saw these pictures probably almost a year ago and I died.

I think next time I am in NYC, I must go to the Gramercy Park Hotel.

I am dying.


The Bigger the Better

Picture via House Beautiful

I am using these gorgeous Hickory Chair chests as night stands.

What do you guys think?

I love a large nightstand. More room to hide all of my stuff.


Cute as a Cookie

This little one...

lives here.
All Pictures via Sketch 42

Nicole is updating her daughters room and not only is it already gorgeous, but the artwork is stunning and handmade by little Cookie herself.

Like mother, like daughter.


Get Fired Up

The beauty of Summer turning into Fall is that I can come home and light up my fireplace.

Picture via Lonny

Picture via Domino

Picture via Delight by Design


Wedding Wrap Up

So my month of weddings concluded with the finale being our dear friends Mike and Kelly's. My hubs and I were both in the wedding which made it even better.

And again, we killed it.

Our favorite photographer Dana Grant!
(we are biased, she did our wedding too!)

Jim busting out his signature moves.
Kid you not, one of the girls in the wedding party reads my blog and halfway through the evening she came up to me and said, "You do shine at weddings!" Why thank you.

Oh yeah, and this happened...

It's ok though, they are married.