Furniture Friday 5.29.09

Another Friday and another piece I desire.  I cannot help but heart these John Derian moroccan poufs.  They are so versatile and come in such an array of colors that you can truly get one to match anything!  I think I would mostly use mine for extra seating when we have parties, but the options are endless.

Trina Turk Residential window in Palm Springs


Picture via Elle Decor

Picture via Domino

Jonathan Adler


What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

So my husband and I are considering a quick trip to the Vegas over the summer.  Usually, all I want to do is lay by the pool and have people bring me drinks all day long.  Although, this time I will have to make sure we visit The Neon Museum.  I am guessing I will have to leave the pool area for this one...

Picture via Coco + Kelley

Picture via Coco + Kelley


A True Master Bath

I am sure these pictures do not do these bathrooms justice, but they do help me get my list for my DREAM Master Bath ready.

1. A LARGE window that lets in a lot of natural light

2. A freestanding tub to soak in

3. A sofa where I can lounge on while I am drying off

4. Hardwood floors

5. An exposed ceiling or brick wall

6. A pop of color

7. A large mirror

8. Last, but not least, a fireplace

Do you think I am overdoing it?


Laying by the Pool

I did absolutely nothing this weekend, but lay by the pool.  It was fantastic.  Here are a few other pools I would not have minded spending the long Memorial Day weekend at...

The Tides by Kelly Wearstler


Furniture Friday 5.22.09

The Chinese Chippendale Chair is nothing new, but it is still on my Top 5 Wishlist for my home. Yes, it has been out forever, and it is everywhere, but sometimes there is a reason for that.  The chair itself is gorgeous and can go with anything.  Occasional, dining, or for your desk the chair goes everywhere and comes in every color.  What is good enough for Jonathan Adler is certainly good enough for me!  

The Jonathan Adler chair with the classic Schumacher Ming Dragon fabric that is on sale, yes sale, at Revival Home & Garden.  If I was even remotely close to Seattle, I would have already snapped this and a few other gems up form them!

Kimberly Ayres Dining Room
Picture via Habitually Chic

Picture via Jonathan Adler

Picture via Domino


It's a cluster....

Nothing looks more simple and is actually more difficult than a beautiful cluster of art on the wall.  If someone could actually teach me how to do this I would be ever so grateful.  How do they make it look so simple?
Picture via Domino

Tom Delonge's Home
Picture via Shelter

Picture via Elle Decor

Thomas O'Brien's Home



As many of my friends know, I am by no means a cook.  I want to learn, but at the end of the day I really just want to enjoy the food, not make it.  However, I cannot help but love dishes.  I could buy more kitchen accessories than anything else for my house.  So today when I wandered into Anthropologie to visit some dishes that I have been stalking, I spotted a few other items that I would not mind putting in my cabinets!

The Peacock dishes that I am stalking.  I am just waiting for them to go on sale!
Blue Ikat bowls

I have a few of these and I just love them.  They are so pretty on their own it is hard to resist getting more in other colors!

I loved, loved, loved all of the glass tumblers.  They feel so fresh and summery that I can already picture myself sitting on my patio sipping juice out of them.

The Retromodern Mini Grill - it is mini...do I need to say more?

Pictures via Anthropologie


Twice the Style

There is something that is so classic about two twin beds in a room.  I do not know if it is the symmetry or the nostalgia of my brothers room that I used to sleep in every night when I was little and have make-shift slumber parties, but whatever it is, I cannot get enough.

Picture via Unknown

Picture via The Daily Bed

Picture via The Daily Bed

Picture via Shelter

Picture via The Daily Bed

Picture via The Daily Bed

Picture via Domino