The City

So I happen to be a reality television junkie...particularly with the Hills.  Therefore, when the City was introduced, I knew I had another program I would be tuning into on Monday nights.  I am sucked into this world where young girls have the clothes, purses, and houses that I lust after.  Now comes Miss Olivia Palermo.  While I do not appreciate her attitude, I do happen to crave her wardrobe and her apartment in the city.  I had almost forgotten about her gorgeous girly abode until I saw a post on Sketch 42 and then my jealousy returned.

Picture via Sketch 42


  1. Thanks for the mention! I literally want to hit that girl, but I must say, her apt is beautiful...

  2. No problem. I would like ot be there when you hit her, so please give me some notice!


    Rebecca June

  3. tyler loves her and i hate her but we both love her clothes.