Hello Fall Lover

Streetscape Cape

I think I need you.


What I Wore - Ikat Edition

So I was not sure about this top when I bought it, but I think I finally found out how I prefer to wear it...with a HOT PINK bra. Makes it a little less stuffy, no?

Top - J. Crew
Jeans - Textile by Elizabeth and James
Sandals - Colin Stuart
Bracelet and Watch - J. Crew
Bra - Target

Pictures via Rebecca June


Fly Away

I cannot get these two pictures from the recent Lonny out of my head.

Pictures via Lonny

Celerie Kemble made me go mad for mint and lust after lavender.

Not to mention, those butterflies...


My Newest Clients

It seems as though babies are popping out everywhere.

Here are some of my "newest" clients.






Pretty darn adorable if I do say so myself.


Black and White Continues

Based on my previous ensemble, you can tell that I am a black and white fan. These pictures of black and white interiors proves that neutral does not have to be boring.

Picture via Unknown

Picture 2 & 3 via Lonny

Sketch 42 Home
Picture via Rue


What I Wore - Black and White Biker

I am desperate for the leaves to change colors, the air to feel crisp, and drink multiple pumpkin frappacinos to welcome Fall.

Since, it is still 90 degrees any given day I am trying to start showcasing my fall wardrobe anyway I can.  Today, it was a dress with boots.

Pictures via Rebecca June

Dress - H&M
Boots - J. Crew
Turquoise Cuff - Noir
Bangles - Nadri, Michael Kors, and Hermes


Tune in Tuesdays - Most Eligible Dallas

I have thoroughly enjoyed the ridiculousness of this show.  Bravo just never seems to let me down.

The thing that makes it for me though is Courtney.  She is over the top ridiculousness.  Every time she starts to describe who the "perfect match" for someone is I grin form ear-to-ear.  The bonus though.  She always is wearing something I covet.

So, you can imagine how excited I was when I stumbled across THIS:

Even better, she appears to be a high-low mix master.

Thank you Courtney.

It Is Finally Here

Missoni x Target

We have all been waiting, and I am waiting in line hoping to get some of these beauties for myself.

The black and white towels need to be in my house ASAP.

Hello etched tumblers...I love you.

This might be the most important item for me to grab though...

Cross your fingers for me.


Rebecca June


Leaving Las Vegas

We are back from Las Vegas and now reality has set in.

Here is a quick recap:


Night #1:

We arrived in at midnight and changed and headed out.

A lot of this happened.

That is why I look like this.

Elevator dancing was also going on.

Day #2:

Pool Time

Evening #2:

Dinner here:

For the Big Guy's birthday

Which meant we had to order Godzilla.

All Pictures via Rebecca June

I am happy to be back in my bed though.


Packing for the Palms

After work today I am piling my husband, our friends the Walshs' and myself into my car and driving to Vegas.

I picked up these "shocking pink" shorts just to cap off summer and I think they are perfect for the 100 degree weather.

Packing chaos.

Jewelry packing. The most difficult part for me.

Hopefully I will be able to update you over my brief stay...unless I'm dancing for 36 hours straight.


What I Wore - Bridal Shower

I had yet another lovely bridal shower for another lovely friend this weekend. The problem is with all of these events I start to become repetitive outfit wise. Luckily with the "garden party" theme, I was able to pull one more ensemble out of my closet.

Top - James Pearse
Skirt - Forever 21
Wedges - Coach
Belt - Hermes

All Pictures via Rebecca June


Friday Finds

Look at the goodies I found the other day!

Pictures via Rebecca June

Vintage newspapers bound for libraries in linen and marbled covers.