Blogger Down

I have just now mustered enough strength to move from my bed to my den/office to get on the computer and do a quick post.

I have felt like Carrie Bradshaw as 'Fashion Raodkill' lying in my bed since Sunday.

Hopefully leaving my bed will lead to other wonderful adventures like, getting dressed, brushing my hair, and going out to civilization.


Rebecca June


Happy Holidays

A virtual holiday card for all of my readers...

Pictures and Card created by Dana Grant Photography

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season!


Rebecca June



Picture via Flourish Design + Style

I found this picture in my ever growing inspiration picture file and fell in love all over again with it.

Exposed brick.

Black casement windows.

Dripping crystal chandlier.

Yes please.


Rain, Rain Go Away

Don't get em wrong, I enjoy a bit of rain and the feel of actually having seasons, but living in Southern California has really spoiled me. I am over this constant pouring rain.

I decided I need a bit of a BRIGHT pick-me up.

Picture via Captivate Me

Picture via I Suwannee

Kate Spade

Last TWO Pictures via Lonny


Christmas Re-Do

So I have been a little MIA, but Christmas this year has seemed to be a lot more work than usual. Between work and home I have barely had a minute to think.

I did get our new tree up this weekend though.

Thank you to my mom who is letting us borrow this sparkly number.

I have to say I was surprised how much my husband liked the tree. He is Mr. Traditional and I thought he would be unhappy with this little guy. Instead he said he really enjoyed how light it felt in the room.

All Pictures via Rebecca June

We also managed to get to a Christmas party - 50's style - this weekend. My husband really knows how to rock a Christmas sweater.


Fresh Greenery or Not

On the day after Thanksgiving my hubs and I went here:

Where we found the perfect tree.

We gave him a new cut so he could stand up straight and get fresh water easily.

Then we covered him in twinkling lights and beautiful ornaments and he was the best tree we had ever had...UNTIL...

All Pictures via Rebecca June

He started to stink up the place.

What the hell tree? What did we ever do to you?

I came home and my house smelled. I could not figure out what it was, just that it was ripe. Guess who? Tree.

So now, until the weekend when my hubs and I both have a free moment we will have a stinky house. Not to mention, we have to take down all the ornaments and the lights and drag the sucker out of here.

Then I am left without a tree for the holidays.

Luckily, my mom is letting me borrow here 'extra' tree. It is a silver tinsel tree. It will be a fun change, but I have a feeling this was the last year until kids come that a live (or in this case rotten) tree will be in my house.



Paint 'em Dark, Paint 'em Light

So I have become a nail polish fiend lately, and I love the winter months because I love a good moody hue on my nails.

The problem is it is not always easy to find shades that you want to wear again and again.
Unless you go to Deborah Lippmans line.

Here are two of my most recent purchases:
(thank you Birchbox!)
They describe this on the Deborah Lippman website as mood ring green/blue - divine.

This one is described as putty-licious gray (creme). Mmm.
I will say I was weary of this color because gray I think can instantly make it look like your nails have died, but this really is light and creamy.

Also, I got these both for free via Birchbox! Premium sized samples from amazing lines every month and I earn points to get things for free??? Win/win.

I love that site and with the points I have earned from referrals and sending in reviews on the products they have sent me I got $32 worth of nail polish for free! You can pick anything, but as much as i love Deborah Lippman it is hard to pay $16 a bottle. Free is more like it.

Email me if you are interested and I will send you an invite. It is totally worth it.


Organize Me

So no matter how much I try, I am a very tangible girl.

I like to write down notes and cross them off.

I also LOVE paper. My mom always told me if our house were to catch fire, my room would go up first and fast with all of the scraps of paper I kept for 'future projects.'

So, I have a wonderful blackberry that I love and would die without, but I think it is time for me to go back to the good old pen and paper.

Here are my options:

Always pretty, always fun, but I think this one might be a more of 'stays at home on the desk' type. I need mine to travel. However, for $20, I may need it anyway.

A wonderful and dear friend got this for me after I got engaged. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was. However, I do not need to carry this around in my purse everyday either. My purse already weighs 50+ lbs. I love, and if I see it first, i amy have to get it again. Not to shabby either $40 for beautiful, yummy gold leather.

This might be the winner. It is sadly, sold out online, so of course to the scary mall I will go hoping to find one item. That is never good. The nice thing is the smaller size is only $25. My husband should love that.


Still Hanging Around

Who doesn't love these Thomas O'Brien Large Hicks Pendants?
I know I do.

The J. Crew Mens store does.

Picture via Lonny

Nicole from Sketch42 loved them so much, I had to help her get them.

They are beyond awesome in her freaking kitchen!

Buy them HERE.


The Lucky Winner Is...

Lucky #3...Sabra!

Hey Mrs. Lonely Wife, email me your info and I will send out your earrings!

Also, do not forget that Little Petite Designs is offering 20% until December 20th with the code


Rebecca June


Zara Obsessed

Lately I have become obsessed with Zara. I feel like no only are they hitting it out of the park with their styling, but their website is user friendly and makes you want to be the girl in the lookbook.

I guess I know where I will be going to get prepped for my holiday parties!

All Pictures via Zara


A Fabulous Holiday

Even though I want my cupboards stacked with gorgeous dishes and my drawers filled with fabulous flatware, I am not the hostess with the mostest.

I want to be, but I get so stressed out, not to mention my absolute lack of cooking abilities.
(I made brownies form a box once. They did not turn out right...at all.)

However, these pictures are giving me the desire to throw a little soirée at my place this holiday season.

Pictures via Everything Fabulous


If Only...

I had smooth drywall, and a willing husband.

Pictures via The Goods Design

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Little Petite Designs Giveaway!

Another week, another giveaway!

This time let me introduce to you Little Petite Designs.
Handmade and one-of-a-kind jewelry and finds prepared with love.

Now for your chance to win!

Pictures via Little Petite Designs

Aged brown suede feather earrings.

To win all you need to do is visit Little Petite Designs and leave a comment here letting me know what your favorite piece is.

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Good luck!


Rebecca June


And the Winner Is...


Email me and I will get your new friend out to you ASAP!

Stay tuned for more giveaways!


Rebecca June


Loads of Lovelies

A few lovelies to tide you over until tomorrow when I announce the Jonathan Adler winner.

Keep leaving comments and good luck!

Picture via Flourish Design + Style

Picture via Lonny

Picture via Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone


Nate Berkus for HSN

It had been awhile since I checked out the new round of Nate Berkus for HSN products. After seeing a stool over at Things That Sparkle I had too. Good thing I did because there were a few goodies that I would love to get my hands on.

Hourglass Table with Stone Top

Porcelain Ikat Bowl

Upholstered Stool

Metallic Sequin Pillow

Moroccan Table

Email me if you are feeling generous and wanting to send me one of the above picks.