A Peaceful Dinner

Added a little sparkle to some napkins for my mom and I.

I am loving how they turned out.

Pictures via Rebecca June


Makeshift Library

I do not have a dedicated library yet...but maybe I can work something like this out in spare (what?) room.

Picture via unknown

Seriously, ordering books at the mart might be my most favorite thing ever.
Its an addiction.


The Future is Looking Bright

Ever since spotting these a few days ago over on Apartment #34, I have not been able to get them out of my mind!

Pictures via Apartment #34

Dsquared is obviously trying to "woo" me.

What I Wore - "Violet, You're Violet!"

I cannot seem to get up the courage to fully color block my outfits, but I am totally loving my bright shorts.

(Dorothy like looking at my morning ensembles too.)

Top - Zara
Shorts - J. Crew
Wedges - old BCBG
Necklace - flea market find
Bracelets - J. Crew, Kate Spade, Hermes, and randoms
Watch - J. Crew

Pictures via Rebecca June


Tune In Tuesday - Pretty Little Liars

FYI - I am a thirteen year old girl at heart.

I started watching this because I am a child parading around everyday life as an adult. I kept watching because it is SOOO addictive-ly good.

It feels like we are in season 13 because there is so much that happens every episode. I mean you have murder, infidelity, secrets (by-the-by, secrets don't make friends), teacher - student hook-ups, and shady cops and parents.

All I can tell you is do not start watching if you cannot dedicate an hour to watch and the next 6 days to discussing it. I have sucked all of my "adult" girlfriends into it and frankly, they are so happy I did.




Dorothy Mantooth and Harry Winston are twins.

Like Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

They love each other, but Dorothy likes to show it by giving Harry kisses.

Harry doesn't always want them though.

Pictures via Rebecca June


Lucky Number

I have not been able to stop thinking about these since I saw the over on the 770.

Maybe the hubby will spring for one for our 3 year anniversary coming up?



What I Wore - I'm a Stud

Being an Interior Designer is glamorous.

What people forget is that you basically do labor.
Lugging boxes, moving furniture, and a lot of schlepping. It does not mean that you have to look like a schlepp though.

I wore this when I picked up a mirror the size of me the other day.

Shirt and Watch - J. Crew
Skirt - Haute Hippie
Sandals - Colin Stuart
Necklace - flea find
Bracelet - Juicy Couture

Skirt close-up.
Olive green and brass studs.

Pictures via Rebecca June

Big and Blingy.


Don't Forget to Party!

Tomorrow night with Nicole of Sketch42!

Tune in Tuesday - My Favorite Place

So I do not usually tune in to HGTV just to see what is on. I usually have a show I am dying to watch - Secrets From a Stylist - or I DVR shows to watch as I lull myself to sleep - House Hunters International.

Well, when we leave our casa, we leave the TV on for Miss Dorothy Mantooth so she is not lonely. Not to mention, she is a TV junkie. (Like her mother, like daughter.) She has 2 options: Disney or HGTV. She gets only these because they are the 2 channels that nothing scary will ever pop up on.

Anyways, as I left the house the other day, I turned on HGTV for Dorth and a show was starting that I had not heard of...My Favorite Place. I hit record and went out the door. When I came home I started it up to see if it was anything I would be interested in. HELLO NEW FRIEND! I scored.

Basically, the show showcases 3 designers or celebrities showing you around their "favorite place" which is either their home or a clients.

This past episode was Lela Rose, Nick Olsen, and Moby.

Here is the three story abode Lela Rose calls home in NYC.

Meanwhile, here is Moby's home *ahem* CASTLE.

Who knew?

Check out when it is on HERE.


What I Wore - Baby Boom!

Babies seem to be popping out all over the place!

I have been extra busy trying to keep up with the demand.

I also had a baby shower this weekend for a wonderful friend and here is what I wore.

Dress - Anthropologie
Belt - Hermes
Sandals - Cynthia Vincent
Ring - my Mothers

Classic Orange.

These are my babies. They sparkle for miles!

At the end of the shower everyone got a wish or prayer bracelet to wear and put out wonderful vibes into the world for the family and baby to be.

Pictures via Rebecca June

How appropriate...an elephant with its trunk up.


Weekend Faces

Meet Bogey.
The newest member of my Aunts family.

Meet Chloe.
Cheeks you just want to bite.

Meet Dorothy Mantooth. Again.
Sweetest puppa face ever.

Pictures via Rebecca June


To Dye or Not to Dye?


Pictures via thebeautydeaprtment.com

I am considering adding a little more color to my hair.

I have seen this a few times now, and for some reason it just makes me smile. I have already talked to my hairdresser (also my BFF) which makes this a little easier. She suggested doing blonde extensions and then tipping the ends with the color. That way when I get sick of it - which could be quick - I wouldn't have ruined my hair or need to chop it off.

What do you guys think?



We all knew that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were going to take over the fashion world, but did we know they would be able to do it so soon and at every price point?

Well, lucky for us. if you cannot afford The Row, Elizabeth and James, or even Textile, you now can get into one of their luxury tees via StyleMint.

If you have heard of JewelMint, StyleMint is the same premise except based on luxury tees at only $29.99 a month.

All you have to do is sign up and create your own style profile and then StyleMint will show you how to style your tees your way. Pictures and videos and styling questions answered by the Olsen twins make this website just another thing I can see myself becoming addicted too.

Mary Kate and Ashley will also be doing one Limited Edition graphic tee every month with a playful saying on it.

Pictures via StyleMint

Who cant use another classic tee?


Have You Seen Me?

Dear Blog Family,

Have you seen this necklace?

It's J. Crew and I am desperate for it!

Please let me know if you have it, want to sell it, saw it somewhere!

I am in pain over the thought of it getting away from me.



Rebecca June

What I Wore

I got into blogging for the design blogs, but I have become obsessed with my fashion bogs!
I think it is the voyeur in me that loves to see what girls are wearing and best of all, where they got it.

So, I figured I would partake too.

I wore this to work last week since it had been verging on 80+ degrees and running around in jeans became unbearable. I also have been wearing my hair up in a high bun more than I ever have before. I followed this tutorial off of The Beauty Deaprtment.

Sweater, Shorts & Necklace - J. Crew
Wedges - Lauren by Ralph Lauren
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - misc. horn bangles and Marc by Marc Jacobs

Pictures via Rebecca June

I am a Jewelry junkie and you can expect to see much more of that on my blog.

I hope you all enjoy my addiction as much as I do.


Sketch 42 is Having a Party...

and we are all invited!

So take a plane, train or automobile and head on over to Intermix next Wednesday.

Nicole is not only my blog bestie, but I am the BEYOND proud owner of one of her gorgeous creations.

Rainbow Maps Amazingness!

Picture via Rebecca June

Seriously, after 2 1/2 years of having an online relationship with Nicole we finally met and I am dying to get to NYC to play with her. Sadly, it will not be next Wednesday.

Since I will not be able to attend and see more of her phenomenal paintings in person, please go for me. Take pictures and make me feel sick that I was not there too.

Shop for clothes, drink champagne, and BUY art!
Not to mention, you can meet Nicole and she is basically fabulous.


Rebecca June

Tune In Tuesday - Amsale Girls

My name is Rebecca and I am a TV junkie.

I cannot help it. I was raised that way. How many young children went to sleep watching Maude? Two - my brother and I.

Anyways, I have started watching another new show and I am becoming addicted.

Amsale Girls follows the bridal consultants in the Amsale showroom in NYC.

You may be thinking to yourself, "This sounds just like Say Yes to the Dress."
It does, but its not.

You do not get as much backstory on the clients and you really get more info on the consultants. It is not quite as crazy and as my mother pointed out, there is no token gay man helping dress the brides.

It is a an interesting look into the bridal world AND you get to see the hundreds of gorgeous Amsale dresses up close and personal.

Top and Bottom Pictures via The Lela New York Wedding Blog

So, if you can find time or room on your DVR, check the WE tv website and find out when it will be on in your time zone!


Guess Who's Back?


Let me tell you that a hiatus was just what I needed.

I feel reinvigorated and rejuvenated and I think I will be taking my blog, and hopefully you, new places with me.

So many things have happened that I need to fill you all in on.

Of course, what happens when you take time off...a lot.

So that Tuesday that I signed off, THIS happened. That was exciting, but that is when things started to go downhill.

The next day I got rear ended while waiting at a stop light. HARD. It hurt, I hurt and my car hurt. I have been going to the chiropractor and my car is in the shop, and I am in a filthy loaner now. Eeew. My dog also got sick on my freshly cleaned carpet and my toilet clogged as well. It was a rough week all around.

I am also sick as I am writing this. My sinuses hate me and are trying to slowly kill me from the inside-out.

You would think that all of these things would have brought me down, but I am pulling through and turning it all around starting today.

Soooo, I think this will be much more of a lifestyle blog now. Of course, design will be a part of that, but I think that you all need to get a more well-rounded version of me as a person and why I like what I like, and do what I do.

I hope you all enjoy me.


Rebecca June