What I Wore - Ms. Mary Mac

On a super hot day when I know I am going to be running around at work the easiest thing to do is throw on a dress and sandals and go. This dress also makes me smile with it's buttons down the back and hidden pockets.

Dress - Joie
Sandals - Colin Stuart
Necklace - Juicy Couture

All Pictures via Rebecca June


Tune in Tuesday - Picker Sisters

So, I am sure anyone who is perusing this blog has heard of American Pickers. Basically people digging through others garbage to find treasures that they can sell at twice the price.

Well, welcome to the newest addition...Picker Sisters.

Basically Tanys (brunette) and Tracy (blonde) travel through the south digging through amazing junk/treasure piles for items they can turn into high end furniture pieces.

The chandelier made out of old rope and wagon wheels.

A swing out of a silo.

All Pictures via myLifetime

In one episode they bought an old house that they took down to the ground for the beautiful weathered wood.

There is also the fascinating people watching that comes along their yards and heaps of junk.

Find out what time it is one in your area HERE.


What I Wore - Its Monies

I basically wore this outfit, to wear this necklace.

Again, its my mothers.

Have I mentioned how lucky I am?

Top - Roxy
Tank - Rebecca Beeson
Jeans - J. Crew
Sandals - Colin Stuart
Necklace - Monies
Basic Arm Party Stack - J. Crew, Kate Spade, and Hermes
Watch - Michael Kors

And who couldn't use another close-up pic of that necklace?

All Pictures via Rebecca June



So I have been a bad blogger.

I know, I have done this before. I am apologizing again. I hope you all accept.

I have been in a month of work chaos that is bookended by wedding blitz. One busy job, 2 BFFs weddings, and showers, and bachelorette parties.

Not to mention I like my husband, my dog, and my TV time.

Anyways, Last weekend was a fun filled trip to the desert - Palm Springs. It was hot outside and inside. I dropped pounds I am sure dancing my buns off in Toucans.
(FYI, its the number one gay club in all of PS)

Here is how it all started:

Attempting to pack for the heat.

Finally getting it narrowed down.

Night number twos footwear of choice.

The skirt and clutch to go with.

This is what was happening prior to leaving the house. We were prepped for fun.

All Pictures via Rebecca June


What I Wore - The BIG Pretty

While this weekend was spent celebrating one of my BFFs bachelorette parties in Palm Springs, last week was all work.

Luckily I had the fortune to borrow this turquoise number from my mother. It is aptly named "the BIG pretty." I don't think they could of been any more accurate in naming it. It is big, heavy, and pretty.

Top - Joie
Jeans - J Brand Martini Flare
Wedges - Lauren by Ralph Lauren
Necklace - my mothers
Bracelets - horn bangles


Just a Glimpse

Here is what has been going on at our office:

Pictures via Rebecca June
Design by Design Works

A custom home near completion.


Three Years and Counting

To my better half on our three year anniversary,

I always want you near.

I love the way you look at me.

I cannot wait to see where our future will take us.

All Pictures via Dana Grant Photography

Happy anniversary.

Here is to 100 more.



The Thread

I was excited when I found this little guy in my mailbox this weekend.

Pictures via Rebecca June

I hope J. Crew keeps up with this newsletter. My favorite thing was learning what the upcoming collaborations are going to be!

Manic Monday Weekend Recap

First I found these:

Which led to several rounds of this:

Then I took these:

And made this:

During the weekend I wore this baby:

And this one:

All Pictures via Rebecca June

Happy Monday!


Rebecca June


Needing Navajo

When I saw this over on Sketch42 the other day, it reminded me about these:

Pictures via Urban Outfitters

2 for $30!

I think a few of these will be coming to my house soon.


What I Wore - Four Dollar Find

Just another day at the office.

Shirt - J. Crew Vintage Tee
Skirt - Lauren Conrad for Kohls (yup - but it was $4)
Sandals - Coach
Necklace - J. Crew

All Pictures via Rebecca June


Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets (from left to right):
Random sterling bangle with stones
Kate Spade bracelet
J. Crew black bangle
3 random bracelets
Hermes Bangle


Tune in Tuesday - Big Rich Texas

First of all, I am sorry for the lack of post in OVER A WEEK! I had a crazy week of installing a 7,000 square foot house for work and then had a crazy bridal shower and bachelorette party on both sides of that! ACK. I barely slept.

When I had a moment where I was not working or partying though I made sure to catch
Big Rich Texas.

Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking. A rip-off of the Bravo Housewives mega hits.

Is it just me though or was the NYC reunion almost too much. It is getting to the point where those shows are almost becoming to intense and stressful to watch.

Big Rich Texas however is ridiculous and full of fluff that makes you feel better about your life after watching it. I mean, episode 1 or 2 involves a mother bribing her child with lip enhancement injections in exchange to have a tattoo of the "C word" removed from her foot.
(FYI - it wasn't tiny either)

Also, if you happened to catch the one season of Dallas Divas and Daughters, you will recognize one set of cast members. Pam and Hannah are back. Apparently, Pam has only appeared to get more rigid meanwhile her daughter is returning from her first year of college and she might be a even brattier than before.

If you have an extra space on your DVR, I think it is worth a shot. Find it on the Style network.


What I Wore - Somebody Has a Case of the Mondays

What a crazy weekend, that is leading into a crazy week, that is being followed up with a sure to be crazy bachelorette party weekend.

Anyways...I have a case of the Mondays, so I thought a blue ensemble was highly appropriate.

Dress: Rachel Pally
Sandals: Tkees
Necklace and Chain bracelet: J. Crew

Pictures via Rebecca June