Sail away with me

Although I do not believe that I could ever bring myself to purchase a crystal ship chandelier, every time I see one used in a space I think about where I would put it.  The first time I ever saw one in person was at the Dream Hotel in New York City.  It really set the mood and the tone for the entire hotel, and you knew that this was not your typical place to rest your head after a long day of walking the city streets.  So is it as appropriate for your home as it is for a boutique hotel?  You tell me.

I also LOVE the multiple framed map wall.


Hello Lover!

It's official...I am in need of these.

If only they were more appropriate for my little brother's 21st birthday this weekend...and I had a spare $1K lying around my house!


Tony Duquette at Baker

I was at the Laguna Design Center for Spring Market the other day where Baker was displaying their newest collection of reproduction Tony Duquette pieces.  I could not have been more excited!  Tony Duquette referred to his style as "Natural Baroque."  He was known for what most of us try to achieve today, which is mixing custom pieces with ancient and modern, and fine and decorative art.  His vision continues to live on today via Tony Duquette, Inc. which is overseen by his friend Hutton Wilkinson who began working with Tony when he was only a teenager.  
"Beauty, not luxury, is what I value." - Tony Duquette

Biomorphic Mirror and Console
The picture is from a residence in Bel Air that Tony Duquette designed circa 1960

Organic Baroque Chair
I think this is my favorite piece.

Paris Snowflake Screen
Picture is of the Cobina Wright Residence in Beverly HIlls designed by Tony Duquette in 1952

Macao Garden Seat

Marsan Chair
The picture is from Tony Duquettes display at the Louvre in 1951

Regency Pagoda Lamp
Can you even believe that these are lamps?  They are an extravagant 48" high.

See more of the selected works of Tony Duquette at Baker.


A Bright Idea

I think everyone has had the awful experience of walking into a new clients home or a perspective home for yourself and knowing the first thing you would have to do is change out the awful light fixtures that are already residing in the home.  The problem is that you can almost always find a gorgeous chandelier, but what about sconces that don't belong in a bathroom or any flush mount.  That is where Circa Lighting comes in.  They offer a wide range of beautiful and interesting lighting.  They even have amazing flush mounts!  Rarely can you describe a flush mount as anything but ugly.  If you do not believe me, see below for yourself...

Abbot Single Arm Sconce

Ginger Single Arm Sconce

Retro Three Light Wall Sconce

Ida Wall Sconce

Serge Single Sconce

Basil Flush Mount

Frank Flush Mount

Star Flush Mount

Soleil Semi-Flush Pendant


Oly Studios

For those of you who are not aware of Oly Studios, by the end of this post you will be dying to get your hands on one of their beautiful pieces. I think Oly is every girls dream. It is sophisticated and ultra feminine without you feeling like you should be 12. They carry everything from frames and knick-knacks to beds and armoires. They always have a beautiful showroom, and from the vignettes below you can see why it is always packed at market!

Visit Oly at www.olystudios.com


Pretty in Pink

So even though I have lived on my own before I got married, I never cared about decorating my apartment because it was not truly mine.  I lived with bare, white walls and whatever furniture my roommate had.  Then when my husband and I got married and moved into our house and I was finally able to truly design, I realized I could not make it look like a pretty, girly house.  Despite my efforts, my husband would not let me make it that either.  I often fantasize about what my ultimate girly abode would be, and I have a feeling there would be a touch of pink somewhere...or everywhere!

A vintage pink fridge is a must!

Betsey Johnsons' perfectly pink apartment

I would love to have this mirrored bed in my pink bedroom...

and I would have to have Carrie Bradshaws closet, pink or not!


Yes Mr. Deville, I am ready for my close-up.

I got married about 7 months ago and I am now getting ready to do my Trash the Dress shoot this weekend and I could not be more thrilled! I am really excited about the idea that we came up with but I am going to leave you in suspense for now. However, I will leave you with some of my wedding photos done by the ever so talented Dana Grant Photography.

My handsome husband Jim.


Disco Ball Fever

How can anyone not fall in love with a disco ball? I am obsessed.

I also happen to love the wicker railing in this picture.

Can you imagine several in a big tree at night? Gorgeous!

My fabulous mother has one dangling from the bottom of her chandelier in her stairwell, and my girlfriend caught this picture of me on the morning of my wedding.


Sheepskin Rugs

I have long been drawn to sheepskin rugs...although I prefer them to be faux. Lately, I have started to realize that I am not the only one. I think that they can instantly add some character and a touch of whimsy that everyone can enjoy. They are classic and traditional, and yet still have that modern edge to them that so many of us crave. You can pick even pick up one on a budget from Ikea! Here are a few of my favorite ways they can be used...

Julianne Moores Home

Thom Filicias Home

If only I could get my husband on board with tossing one over our desk chair.

Elle Decor and more Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis Paper