Sail away with me

Although I do not believe that I could ever bring myself to purchase a crystal ship chandelier, every time I see one used in a space I think about where I would put it.  The first time I ever saw one in person was at the Dream Hotel in New York City.  It really set the mood and the tone for the entire hotel, and you knew that this was not your typical place to rest your head after a long day of walking the city streets.  So is it as appropriate for your home as it is for a boutique hotel?  You tell me.

I also LOVE the multiple framed map wall.


  1. We tried ever so hard to get a client in Laguna Beach to place this beauty in their stairwell but alas they weren't grasping the vision. I say absolutely positively to ship chandeliers in homes.

  2. I could not love this fixture more! I saw it in a bathroom once and it was fabulous! I'm with you on purchasing it for myself, but Z Gallery has one for a somewhat reasonable price that I might consider (I'm sure the ones above are not from good ol Z Gallery :))