My New Love is Luggage

Due to an extra abundance of birthday money, I found myself wandering the mall with my Mother and Aunt the other day. We decided to take a spin through Tory Burch where I did not think I would find anything that I wanted or needed, although I was not expecting to find these perfect little flats. The most gorgeous and supple pair of luggage colored Revas. They were beautiful and they only had two left in my size (of course). I do not think I have taken them off since I got them as they go with absolutely everything!

My new Reva's in color Moccasin. My husband even loves them. The color reminds him of a wonderfully worn in baseball mitt.

Now only if I had this beautiful Chloe Heloise Braided Hobo in Nutmeg...

maybe I could look as chic as this girl...

who probably lives in this wonderful home and lounges in her luggage colored leather sofa!


  1. love the shoes, love bag, love the girl and the living room. Pack 'em up I'm taking it all!

  2. ps - how much do you just love that trench in your sidebar. TDF!