Happy Holidays!

From my family to yours...


Curled Up in Bed

This is why there has been no activity on my blog or Instagram lately...I have been sick in my bed...with my phone.

I hope next week or even the end of this one everything will turn around!


Rebecca June


Getting Stuffed

We all know that Pinterest leads to amazing things by now, but this might be my all time favorite find.

The only thing I could love as much as my favorite pup Dorothy Mantooth would be a stuffed animal that looks just like her.  That is exactly what The Shelter Pups do.  You send in a photo of your furry child and they will create a little stuffed doppelgänger for you. Not to mention with every purchase you can help donate to a local shelter of your choice.

Look at some of the real photos to stuffed dogs:

The first one already looks a lot like my little Dorothy Mantooth.

Pictures via The Shelter Pups

Purchase HERE.