Luggage and Leather = Love

Picture via Lonny

Picture via Lonny

There is nothing I love more than the perfect luggage colored leather.


Cabo Azul - Part 1

Cabo Azul was everything I wanted it to be.

It was sunny, bright and white.

View from Marriage Veranda

The first feature of this resort that I fell in love with was the main bar in the major palapa.

The whole palapa was surrounded by heavy hanging rope.

Where all of the entrances were located, they pulled the ropes apart and draped them into HUGE, black pots.

Simple and stunning.

The restaurant located in this beauty was called Flor de Noche or Flowers of the Night. This was also the place where the swim-up bar was located.

As you can imagine, I frequented it during my stay.

Once inside, the ropes came together at the top of the ceiling and hung over a pool of water in the center of the restaurant.

It was amazing all lit up at night. I was in awe.

All Pictures taken by Rebecca June


From Cabo to Closets

My week in Cabo at the BEYOND amazing at the Cabo Azul resort (pictures to come) and was just what I needed. As much as I love my computer and my blackberry, I have to say it was nice to be without them for a few days.

Well, I had to get right back into the swing of things here because I had finally decided to get my closet painted. You would not think this would be very exciting but it is! When we bought our condo, we painted everything but the closets. Why spend the money? The paint was neutral enough and who is going to see it? Well, BIG mistake.

I have the Master Closet to myself (thanks hubby) and it had built-in shelves already installed. When the builder painted everything they painted the shelves and even the rods all in a flat paint. Why would that be bad? Well, it is impossible to clean! The only way to dust is with a feather duster! A paper towel and some endust are like nails on chalkboard and it drives me crazy! Not to mention the hangers mark up the rods and leave black streaks on them that also drive me nuts because it just look filthy.

So we are getting everything painted in a lovely semi-gloss white and the walls will go gray. Why not? I am thinking I might even changes the ghastly flush mount and put a chandelier in my humble closet. I have always loved a good closet.

Not to mention having to take everything out of the closet will force me to tame the chaos!

My accessories are Out of Control!

My shoe shelves that I will love when they are shiny and white!


What Works

Picture via Erin Ever After

I was going through my inspiration image folder (which has become ENORMOUS), and I came across this beauty. I am not sure what I love about it, but I do love it.

What do you love about it?

Or not like about it?


Walk on the Wild Side

Elizabeth Bauer
Pictures via Lonny

I hope that I could be brave enough to put zebra on my walls and ceiling.

I die.


I Married MY Adventure

Picture via House Beautiful

Eddie Ross
Picture via Lonny

Picture via Lonny

My Home
Picture via JL Photographers

I married MY adventure (AKA my husband) almost 2 years ago.

Last year I got him a copy of I Married Adventure for our 1 year anniversary. I may have gotten it FOR him, but I might have really gotten it for me. *wink wink*


Just Another Manic Monday

Picture via Aubrey Road

Nate Berkus

Monday made my head hurt. Between #NateDay and being out of the office all day running around from appointment-to-appointment, I am beat. I wish I was spending my Tuesday in one of the above rooms.


Happy Nate Day!

There are about a million things I LOVE about Mr. Nate Berkus, so deciding what exactly I was going to write about on Nate Day was a difficult decision. After all, he has done so many beautiful rooms and homes throughout his career, I could write several blog posts on Nate Berkus alone!

Finally, after collecting a few inspiration images I figured out what I love about Nate...his use of stripes. He uses them frequently, subtly, and boldly. They never detract from space and only seem to enhance it. Here are a few of my faves...

(I had to post a pic of Nate...he is too cute.)

You can even buy your own Nate Berkus stripes in the form of a beautiful Handwoven Wool Stripe Rug on HSN.com!

Don't forget that the highly anticipated Nate Berkus Show launches September 13th, 2010!


June Gloom

Picture via Flickr

I had my whole day planned around laying by the pool or heading down to the beach to get a little sun prior to my trip to Cabo. Unfortunately, June Gloom is in full effect and now I will be inside cleaning the house and maybe re-potting a few plants.


Bigger is Better

Picture via Design 59

What don't I love about this picture?

The giant and structural chandelier is perfect in every way and the ENORMOUS cocktail ottoman that is clean with a touch of femininity.



Another Day, Another Chandelier

Atlantis Home - Judy Aldridge

Palmer Weiss

Apparently I am in the mood for lighting, since that is all that I seem to be drawn to this week.


Chandelier Query

Picture via Lonny

Picture via Design 59

What are these beautiful, vintage leaf looking glass chandeliers?



Heads Up

McGill Design Group

Ever since I saw this picture over at Flourish Design + Style I have not been able to stop thinking about it.

The dark ceiling, that spectacular ceiling cap and the very modern lantern that hangs from it.

I do not even look at anything else in the room.


Pretty as a Peacock

Not to long ago my hubby and I went on a weekend getaway down to San Diego. Neither of us had been in a few years and it was a gorgeous weekend. While we were there, we decided there was no better way to relax than a little field trip to the zoo. I probably had not been to the zoo for at least a decade. So you can imagine how awestruck I was when I saw this beauty up close.

Pictures by Rebecca June

All I could think about was how gorgeous this peacock was and it just solidified why the best color combinations come from nature.

I had seen this room a little while back but I had never forgotten it. The peacock reminded me of it and I think the color scheme is what made it.

Picture via House Beautiful



Atlantis Home Update

All Pictures via Manny Rodriguez shot for FDLuxe

Loving the sneak peek pics of Judy Alridges revamped home by Sam of style/Swoon!

I am dying to see the rest.

Her previous decor was much more natural (see here), but now she has obviously gone GLAM!


A Gray Day

Not to long ago my mom decided this was the year she was going to have to face the ugly task of re-carpeting and re-painting my parents house. When she announced this to me, I asked if she considered painting it a color. For a few decades now, my parents homes have been all white. I love all white BUT I thought it might be time for a change.

I finally convinced her gray would be perfect. Still a neutral, but her window casings, crown molding and baseboards would all POP!

So, although she is eager (we all know) the construction zone can be overwhelming and aggravating. I thought a few beautiful inspirational images would help the first day go by a little easier.

Picture via Cottage Living

Picture via Design*Sponge

Picture via Pink Wallpaper

Picture via Sketch 42