A Little Gray Room

Picture via Apartment #34

Molly Sims

If you are too scared too go dark in a large room, try your Powder Room. It is the perfect little room to be dramatic and moody.


Whose Shoes

What is more interesting than someone's closet? Their shoe closet.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Rachel Zoe

Taylor Jacobson

Judy Aldridge

Jane Aldridge

Jessica Alba


A Pink Chair

Picture via Dress Design Decor

House Beautiful
Picture via The Goods Design

I think if you choose a pink chair for your room, not only will it change your room but it will probably change your life. How many people are bold enough to go for HOT PINK? Once you go there, you can go anywhere.


My Money Belongs to Tory

Whether it be my already unhealthy obsession with Tory Burch or Heather of Habitually Chic and her recent posts (here and here), I was BEYOND excited when I got my look book in the mail today. I am not disappointed one bit either. I tend to be an accessory junkie, so I loaded up my favorite eye candy from her recent collection: Purses, Jewelry, and Shoes...OH MY!

Mclane Zip Tote
Chainmaille Pouch
Stoned Clutch
Pyrite Heart Cuff
Stephanie Necklace
Cain Sandal
Bari Slouchy Bootie

Please note, most of these items come in multiple colors. *sigh* I guess that means I will have to buy multiples.


Down by the Sea

Picture via La Dolce Vita

Since it has been the most gorgeous weather in Southern California this last week, I have been dreaming of escaping to the beach this weekend. Is it really practical to wear a tulle skirt though?


Narcisco Roriguez for eBay

I was a little taken aback when I logged onto my email yesterday and found an email from eBay announcing that the Narcisco Rodriguez collection was now available. What? Where have I been? Has everyone else been aware of this? I hate when I am last to the party.

Anyways, I was surprised by the beautiful clean pieces that were offered. I have to admit that my favorites were of course the shoes. Espadrilles to be exact. However, they will not be in my closet anytime soon because they are still $450. gulp.

Check it out for yourself though and tell me what you think!


A Pinch of Purple

I am sure that most men are like my hubby and can feel as though they do not have a say in their home. I am sure that being married to an interior designer only quadruples that feeling.

I try to listen and let my hubby have input so he does not feel completely left out, but this has left me without certain color options. One being purple. I love purple. If you saw any of my wedding photos you would know this. Although, to assuage my husband I have abandoned this "girly" color and not brought it into our home.

I still daydream about it though. Sometimes, I think I should just tell him, "That's not purple, that's gray." I mean, what could he really say to that?


Furniture Friday 2.12.10

What would I be excited to get this Valentines Day?

An Hermes blanket!

Picture via Delight by Design

Thomas Smythe
Picture via Habitually Chic

Kelly Wearstler


Nail Heads and Head Chairs

I found this image somewhere (in a blog jumping haze probably) and have been in LOVE with the yummy gray fabric with the clean masculine meets feminine detail at the bottom. The lovely grosgrain ribbon tacked with the nail heads has captured my eye and now I must do it for a client. MUST.


Get Down on the Ground

I tend to lay on the floor a lot. Even thought there are only two people and a puppy in my house, and plenty of seats to spare, I find myself lounging on the ground. I was thinking about trying to get some floor cushions, but the husband did not want anymore "pillows" around. He obviously does not know what he is talking about.

Picture via Erin Ever After

Jonathan Adler

Picture via Erin Ever After


A Bit of Blue

Picture via House of Turquoise

Ever since I saw this image over on Erins blog I have been thinking about colored trim. This light blue is so enchanting and subtle all at the same time. What other color trim might you consider doing?


Guest Blogger: Sketch42

Hey All,

Nicole from Sketch42 here... I am super excited to be blogging for Rebecca while she is away! Its amazing how we have never even met and yet we are great friends!

So, right now I am working on creating my dream bed: A little un-done, not too many pillows and very cozy.... First attempt: failure. The bedding I ordered turned out to be a bust... so I decided to give you some bedrooms I would move into anytime!

The perfect recipe: Simplicity + White + Coziness= Real life livable glamour that makes you want to jump in !!! All I have to say is thank god its Friday cause I sure could use a nap!


Vegas, Here I Come

I am off to 'the Vegas' for the mart for the rest of the week. Maybe, I will become a showgirl and never return.

Check in tomorrow though for a fabulous Guest Blogger!


Rebecca June