A Pinch of Purple

I am sure that most men are like my hubby and can feel as though they do not have a say in their home. I am sure that being married to an interior designer only quadruples that feeling.

I try to listen and let my hubby have input so he does not feel completely left out, but this has left me without certain color options. One being purple. I love purple. If you saw any of my wedding photos you would know this. Although, to assuage my husband I have abandoned this "girly" color and not brought it into our home.

I still daydream about it though. Sometimes, I think I should just tell him, "That's not purple, that's gray." I mean, what could he really say to that?


  1. The purple's you are showing are so close to gray... I would try it!!
    Good Luck, you deserve a little purple in your life!

  2. Haha, so true! Thats how i won my teal wall! Husband thought it looked like green, and he looooves green, so i went with it ;)

  3. Ive been loving purple lately so pretty.