J. Crew To Do

So, I know everyone has seen these, but I really cannot get enough of these bags.

I can only pray they come to fruition.

Pictures via Habitually Chic

Last Chance!

Toay is your last day to enter the Ramsign house number giveaway!

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Seasick on Land

Even though boats make me seasick in the water, on dry land they are much more appealing.

Picture via Cherry Blossom Girl

Picture via Noir


Giveaway, giveaway...

So many options for giveaways recently.

One of my favorite jewelry lines, Charles Albert, is giving away this amazing Pink Druzy Ring.

Picture via Charles Albert

All you have to do is be the 500th person to follow them on Twitter!

Here are some of the pieces I own seen HERE and HERE.

Not to mention you have another fab giveaway right here on my blog!

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All you have to do is leave a comment telling me your fave!

Good luck!



Holy Fireplaces!

While dreaming up fireplace sketches for some wonderful friends of mine I ran across this picture...

I cannot get it out of my head.

Deco, antiqued mirror dreaminess.


Home Sweet Home Giveaway!

I was so excited when I came across these beautiful house signs the other day.
They are enamel, glossy, and brilliant!

I was even more excited when I found out I could do a Ramsign giveaway and offer one of the beautiful house number signs, to one of my wonderful readers, anywhere in the world!

Ramsigns are handcrafted in Denmark and are based on vintage house numbers which are stenciled onto thick porcelain and enamel.

I feel like all of the Ramsign signs looks so beautifully European that I should be walking down a cobble stone street sipping an espresso.

All Pictures via Ramsign

To enter for one of these beautiful house numbers all you have to do is visit Ramsign and then come back and leave a comment on which sign and style is your favorite. I will announce the winner next Friday April 1st!

Good luck!


Rebecca June


Coffee Table Books

Some of my most recent acquisitions...

The inside of this baby is just as gorgeous as the outside.

How could you not be happy when you see this?

The best book about the way people really live in their homes.

Of course.

I couldn't help but smile when I saw Kate Spade's newest book clutch.



DIY Ideas Anyone?

This necklace is pretty much amazing.

I need a clever way to DIY this sucker STAT!

All I can think of are Bugles...my mind must be elsewhere.


I Do...

So this past weekend I had a whirlwind trip up to Santa Barbara for business...sort of.

I was asked to marry my friends!

They are getting married at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse and I had to fill out paperwork and get sworn in.

I am afraid I will laugh through the whole thing because it is sort of crazy and I laughed through my vows at my wedding. Hysterically laughed. (My husband kept telling me to breathe.)

Anyways, here is the beautiful courthouse where it will take place and the Mural Room where the ceremony will actually occur. Now I just have to start practicing because April 9th is sneaking up on me.


Horsing Around

I do not know where I am going to put him, but for $39.95 I think I must have him.


Designer Dining Room

I have been helping a girlfriend come up with ideas for her dining room in her new home. I thought maybe I would FINALLY try and put a moodboard together.

Had I known it was so simple, I might have started doing them sooner!

Soooo...what do you think?

Warm, worn, and slightly traditional = Heaven.

Click Picture to Enlarge


Sawhorse Dining Table - Bobo Intriguing Objects

Printmakers Sideboard - Restoration Hardware

Delaware Host Chair - Hickory Chair - Upholstered in Gordian Weave - F. Schumacher

Tyler Side Chairs (arm chair pictured) in White Enamel and Bronze Leather - Oly Studio

Victorian Hotel Pendant in Polished Nickel - Restoration Hardware


J. Crew Jollies

So apparently it has gotten around that I want to live in J. Crew.

I do not know what happened but their clothes have become more appealing to me in the last few months than I can tell you.

Well, so with my birthday I got a few gift cards and got to have a fun evening of carefree shopping. Besides a few basics like a long sleeve black sweater, basic tees, and some cream shorts, I also got the following...

This is your best old friend. It is perfectly worn in and has the bast faded electric blue color to go right along with it.

I needed a smaller and lighter colored chambray shirt to tuck into skirts and this one was it.

How could I not?

A basic that I got in black and white.

This was something I never would have gotten on my own, but I was persuaded to try them on in the Vintage Miltary color and they are so light it feels like I have nothing on. SOLD.


My Lost Weekend

Picture via Dress Design & Decor

So even though it seemed that I slept my weekend away (I kid you not I slept pretty much all of Saturday venturing out of my bed only twice) I seemed to still get a lot accomplished.

I did a little work, FINALLY framed the beauty from my bestie Nicole over at Sketch 42 and my newest piece of art of my little puppa, engaged in cheese overload with a girlfriend, went to a birthday party, took care of my sick husband (I think my body is trying to fight it off - thus the massive amounts of sleeping), check out the designer collabs at Target, went grocery shopping (this rarely happens), and am trying to cooridnate a small get together of girls to wish our girlfriend CONGRATS before she gets married.

Maybe I was tired because I actually did all of that...


Rebecca June


Inside Her Closet

Who did not fall in love with The Real housewives of Beverly Hills?

Let's be honest now, who did not fall in love with Kyle Richards?

Well I did.

Her hair.

Her husband.

Her baby girl Portia.

Well, get ready. Now you are going to fall in love with her closet.

I love these Closet Confessions that Blue Fly does. They need to make them longer.



Bag it, Frame it

So I have obsessed over the idea of framing shopping bags for awhile but the latest picture renewed my passion for the idea.

I need a bigger closet to do this in.

My husband is understanding, but he is not about to let me hang framed bags on the wall in our hallway.


A Saintly Silhouette

A few weeks ago I got a wonderful offer from Groupon to get a silhouette from the talented Carter Kustera.

Well, when I returned home from my whirlwind trip to Utah, it had arrived.

My pretty girl...

her silhouette!

I cannot wait to get her framed and on my wall.

Thank you Carter!


Rebecca June



In the immortal words of Charlie Sheen,

"I'm sick of pretending I'm not special."

Happy Birthday to me.