Happy Memorial Weekend!

I hope to get some sun this weekend!


Rebecca June


Almost, but Not Quite

Picture via Everything Fabulous

I want this room.

I could have it too. I have the Tom Ford book and the barnacle cluster already. Now, I just need everything else.


Beach Chic

Picture via Flourish Design + Style

When I saw this dreamy dining room I immediately wanted a beach house where I could wear white linen, lounge by my open french doors, and let the beach breeze blow through my hair.


On Display

Picture via Dress, Design & Decor

J. Crew
Picture via Lonny

Kate Spade
Picture via Lonny

When I lived in my last few apartments (pre-hubby), I was always looking for a way to maximize my closet space. A girl never has enough. Well, my solution was simple.

I love shoes. I have a lot of shoes. What would be more fun to look at on my walls than my shoes? So a few Ikea Lack shelves later and I was in business.

I will say, boys made fun of me, girls loved me, and getting dressed was that much easier when I had stared at my shoe wall before falling asleep the night before.


Instant Jealousy

The second I saw this...

Picture via Everything Fabulous

was the second I loathed my bathroom.


Artist Ann Carrington

Ever since 9 by Design has been on the air I have been absolutely obsessed with the piece of art they had of the queen. This weeks episode finally enlightened me as to the artist Ann Carrington.

I had no idea how intricate and detailed her work really was until I visited her website. Now I am even more obsessed. Not only does she do beautiful pieces of art, she also does sculptures and some amazing mixed media pieces.

Here are some of the ones that are now on my wishlist...

Can you believe all of these buttons?

These are made out of needles, safety pins and zippers. Love.


Who Knew Meg Ryan was so Chic?

All Pictures via Elle Decor

I guess I still pictured Meg Ryan as the girl in You've Got Mail (which I have to watch every time is on) because I never would have pictured her living in the gorgeous, clean space above.


Slightly Seafoam

Picture via Brilliant Asylum

Picture via Sketch 42

Picture via Pink Wallpaper

Seafoam green is seducing me.


Headed Home

Picture via Me

My husband decided to escape to the wilderness this weekend so rather than stay at home, I decided to escape to my parents house. My puppy and I packed our bags and had a weekend getaway at the beautiful abode above.

I must admit, it was hard to leave.


Room for Children

Room for Children by Susanna Salk is a look at not only making a childs room a fun place for them but also a stylish place. While this is a difficult challenge, take a look at what some of the designers below have done.

Laurence Kriegle

Tracy Bross

Kim Zimmerman

All pictures via Room for Children


Horsing Around

I am still obsessed with these beautiful equestrian photos.

Picture via Plush Palate

I am considering moving some art around in my house to make room for one of these beauties...

{This one might be my favorite}


Sex and Fashion

Picture via LA Times

I am excited for the new Sex and the City movie but not for the actual movie, just for the eye candy! If you want more of an in-depth look at the gorgeous outfits, don't worry...there is a book coming out just around the corner!

I was more intrigued by the idea that they took the time to document every outfit, and photograph every accessory that Carrie wears in the movie. Can you even imagine? If any of the items Carrie wears in the movie are still available, I am sure they will sell out after the book comes out.

Read more HERE.


Swoon Worthy

Picture via Flourish Design + Style

When I popped over to visit Flourish Design + Style the other day, I was stopped dead in my tracks by this amazing cocktail table.

Rope + lucite = happiness.


Checking Out

Well friends, I am checking out early this week after the craziness that Monday - Thursday have been. I am looking forward to re-grouping and jumping back in fresh on Monday morning!


Rebecca June


Age Old Beauty

Picture via Tracery Interiors

Picture via Apartment #34

Pictures 3 & 4 via Flourish Design + Style


Pretty Dresses, Pretty Rooms

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

Anne Hathaway in Valentino

Trina Turk Store by Kelly Wearstler

Gwen Stefani in L.A.M.B.

Picture via Dress Design Decor


Happy Tuesday

Picture via This is Glamorous

Elle Decor
Picture via The Goods Design

Picture via Lonny