Artist Ann Carrington

Ever since 9 by Design has been on the air I have been absolutely obsessed with the piece of art they had of the queen. This weeks episode finally enlightened me as to the artist Ann Carrington.

I had no idea how intricate and detailed her work really was until I visited her website. Now I am even more obsessed. Not only does she do beautiful pieces of art, she also does sculptures and some amazing mixed media pieces.

Here are some of the ones that are now on my wishlist...

Can you believe all of these buttons?

These are made out of needles, safety pins and zippers. Love.


  1. I felt the same way - I was googling her at like 1 in the morning after I watched the show! Any idea how $$$ they are?? I love the queens!

  2. Well, I saw on her website that prints run between 195-295 pounds. So I can only imagine how much the real deal is.


    Rebecca June

  3. I think they in the tens of thousands... I just sent this to the M&J blog! They should write about her!

  4. love this and all of her work! gorgeous.