What I Wore - My Lovely Mulberry

Let me be honest right up front.

This is not about what I wore, this is about what I am carrying.

Say hello to my new favorite thing...My Oversized Mulberry Alexa bag in Oak.

Top - Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Pants - J. Crew
Boots - J. Crew
Scarf - H&M
Bag - Mulberry

Bracelets (left arm) - Hermes, Nadri and J. Crew
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelet (right arm) - Novica c/o

Hello pretty.

All Pictures via Rebecca June


Take a Peek Inside the Nagano house

You asked and I found.

Inside the striped beauty set in a winter wonderland.

Even though there is a barely a stick of furniture and only a sack of rice and a toy truck, I have to say I am NOT disappointed.

The Nagano House:

All Pictures via Jimmy Cohrssen


Weekend Recap Via Instagram

I was very excited to FINALLY get new pillows for my favorite chairs.

I found another new picture app via Alissa over at The GOODS Design.
I then proceeded to make Dorothy Mantooth even prettier than she already was.

I almost went into a glitter coma thanks to Martha Stewart. All I want for Christmas is glitter.

The hubby and I did put up our silver tinsel tree and stockings too.

All Pictures via Rebecca June

'Tis the Season!



What I Wore - Black and Gold

I was feeling like looking a little more polished while running around in the cold weather last week. All black always makes this possible. Add a sock bun and a pop of gold and my ensemble was complete.

Blouse - Free People
Leggings - J. Crew
Boots - Tory Burch
Bag - Yves Saint Laurent
Necklace - Ann Taylor

A closer look at my sock bun. It was surprisingly easy and didn't require a single bobby pin.

Hello pretty.

All Pictures via Rebecca June


What's Black & White & Striped All Over?

This house.

When I saw it I fell in love.

My first thought though was, "I wonder what it looks like inside?"

It would be fun if it looked like this:

Pictures via Pintrest


My Instagram Weekend

A new blouse from H&M.

My sleeping puppy and her perfectly stacked paws.

My new Alexander McQueen scarf that was brought back to me from London by a wonderful friend.

Some leisurely weekend reading.

All Pictures via Rebecca June


Good Luck Giveaway!

Have you heard of Novica?

Novica is trying to expand the reach of artisans from around the world and bring unique and handmade pieces into your home.

They offer everything from Home Decor - rugs, art, sculptures, etc - to Jewelry and Apparel. The wonderful part is you are not only getting a piece that is unique and authentic but you are also supporting artisans from around the world.

When they asked me if I would like to do a giveaway I was thrilled to be able to offer my readers something truly special.

I picked this beautiful sterling silver elephant charm ring. I thought since the beginning of a new year is almost here, a little "good luck" elephant wouldn't hurt.

I cannot tell you how beautiful it was when it arrived.

The packaging:

Each box also comes with a note from the artisan who made the product.

The artisan Jantana from Thailand made this ring and is hoping to continue on the family business of making silver jewelry.

All pictures via Rebecca June

Now for the fun part!

To Win:

Leave a comment on this post after visiting Novica and tell me what beautiful piece you are interested in.

I will randomly select the winner next Friday morning.

Good luck!


Rebecca June

A few more things that Novica offers:


Seafoam Secrets

Even though winter is fast approaching, and the weather is finally attempting to maintain some level of coolness, I am still dreaming of seafoam.

Even though I cannot imagine it melding in with my current decor, I think it looks fabulous in all the the below pictures.

Maybe in my next home...

Picture via House of Turquoise

Picture via Brilliant Asylum

Picture via Layers of Meaning

Picture via Lonny

Picture via Brooklyn Limestone


What I Wore - J. Crew Jailbird

I popped this little striped dress on for the first time the other day and then finished getting dressed. When I went to take these pictures I realized one thing...I am wearing head to toe
J. Crew.

Dress, Jacket, Scarf and Boots: J. Crew

Watch and Ring: Michael Kors
Cross Bracelet: Tai

All Pictures via Rebecca June


Eat in Peace

Well I know my mom is going to call me the minute she sees this post. Frankly, I may have to call her and tell her after I finish writing this about my newest find. I would get them for her for Christmas but I am not sure how many place settings she would want or need.

Peace plates.

I am in love.

Find them HERE.

Even I, the domestically disabled, really do need these.


I Am A Work of Art

Look at the new lovely I added to my dining room library.

Look closer.

Yes. This is my husband, myself and our friends Mike and Kelly Walsh from my BFF's wedding in September. We did some of those photo booth snapshots and I love them. I never know what to do with all of those random little pictures though.

Well, I got the opportunity from Easy Canvas Prints to make one into an 8x10 photo on canvas.


All Pictures via Rebecca June

I was trying to decide on what picture to use thinking that it needed to be something nice or meaningful and then when I saw that their website not only allows you to link up to facebook but then will also tell you the quality of the photo you uploaded I was excited to see if any of our photo booth shots would make it.

I picked this one because this is me. I always have my mouth hanging open. I cannot help it. SO unattractive, but it is my forte.

Some of the best parts about using Easy Canvas Prints to put your photos on canvas were:

You were able to choose between color, sepia and black an white - I obviously went with black and white.

They gave you options on the thickness of your canvas - I chose the standard depth because I was leaning it on my shelf.

You got to choose how the edge was finished off and they they did a 3D rendering to show you your options - I kept the edges simple with just a clean white border.

It was really wonderful. You can try it too. If you "LIKE" Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook your first order is 50% off and gets free shipping. With the holidays coming up it would be a wonderful gift for a friend or family member.


What I WANT to Be Wearing

Picture via Tory Burch

I cannot stop thinking about this jacket.

Black and White. Rhinestone trim. Tweed.

I want it on my body.

I do not care that it is 77 degrees today and too hot to be wearing.

I want to be wearing skinny jeans, a black turtle neck this jacket and my Tory Burch Riding Boots to go with.

Who will purchase this for me?


Let There Be Light

So I have wanted to put a little light over my kitchen sink for some time now. My biggest problem is that the ceilings in there are very low - 7 feet to be exact. So how in the heck would I find a light that would not be overwhelming, or too low, or just awkward.

Until I saw this:

For $15 bucks at the flea market I figured it was worth a shot and I had a vision for it.

High Gloss White and Gold Leafing

Items needed for the project:

Gold Leafing - even the package says easy.
Gold leafing Sealer
Soft sponge brushes
Spray Paint
Drop cloth
Ceiling Medallion - the recessed can there was larger than the lights canopy

Since the cord was so short I rigged the canopy to hang from an outdoor chair on my balcony while I sprayed it.

The gold leafing was not hard but it was impossible to take pictures while doing it. I will recommend that if you are going to try gold leafing I loved the kit that had the gold leafing attached to wax paper. It made it immensely easier to place and not waste any of the sheets as well.

My perfectly imperfect gold leafed edge.

Two things:

1. I wanted the interior gold for looks but also for the amazing golden glow it casts in my kitchen now.

2. I kept the gold leafing imperfect. It makes it seem old and worn rather than glossy and new.

The perfectly imperfect interior of the shade.

Ta - Dah!

All Pictures via Rebecca June

I am enjoying the light even more with the sun going down so early!