Let There Be Light

So I have wanted to put a little light over my kitchen sink for some time now. My biggest problem is that the ceilings in there are very low - 7 feet to be exact. So how in the heck would I find a light that would not be overwhelming, or too low, or just awkward.

Until I saw this:

For $15 bucks at the flea market I figured it was worth a shot and I had a vision for it.

High Gloss White and Gold Leafing

Items needed for the project:

Gold Leafing - even the package says easy.
Gold leafing Sealer
Soft sponge brushes
Spray Paint
Drop cloth
Ceiling Medallion - the recessed can there was larger than the lights canopy

Since the cord was so short I rigged the canopy to hang from an outdoor chair on my balcony while I sprayed it.

The gold leafing was not hard but it was impossible to take pictures while doing it. I will recommend that if you are going to try gold leafing I loved the kit that had the gold leafing attached to wax paper. It made it immensely easier to place and not waste any of the sheets as well.

My perfectly imperfect gold leafed edge.

Two things:

1. I wanted the interior gold for looks but also for the amazing golden glow it casts in my kitchen now.

2. I kept the gold leafing imperfect. It makes it seem old and worn rather than glossy and new.

The perfectly imperfect interior of the shade.

Ta - Dah!

All Pictures via Rebecca June

I am enjoying the light even more with the sun going down so early!

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