Crisp and Clean Shopping

With the holidays fast approaching I have started thinking about gifts I could get for my little family. Usually I cannot help but purchase myself a little something as well.

Brook Farm General Store is a very fun website that I find myself perusing. It is so clean and crisp and everything that makes me want to be more domestically capable, but alas, it is just not in the cards I feel. I still cannot help but cruise this site and imagine my huge family style, farm-barn of a kitchen.

For the family:

How can you not want these? Whimsy and elegance rolled into one.

For myself:

I just cannot picture any other bell on my bike...shiny and gold and probably has the most classic *ding, ding.*

For Dorothy Mantooth:

While Dorothy tends to be a girly girl and a puppy of leisure, I think she might enjoy the classic beauty of a luggage leather colored collar with a shiny brass buckle closure.

For the hubby:

All Pictures via Brook Farm General Store

While I love all of our wedding pictures and the loads of pictures of Dorothy Mantooth, I think my husband might appreciate a little edge added to our walls with this vintage target.

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