Reading List

I was updating my Amazon Wishlist today and I thought I would share some of my current wants and some of my favorite books with you guys.

Let's face it. We all at one point LOVED the Shabby Chic aesthetic and I am no exception. I still love Rachel Ashwells point of view and this book documents many of her inspirations as well as her Los Angeles home. It is a MUST!

Speaking of personal homes, I am hoping to find this lovely book under the Christmas tree since I feel like I have already been waiting for it all year long! Inside Kellys newest book is not only her recent unpublished projects, but also her Beverly Hills home.

Everyone knows that Jamie Rummerfield and Ron Woodson are beyond fabulous, and let me tell you so is their book! It is not only gorgeous on the inside but the outside is black silk with gold gilding! UH-mazing.

Now for some of my personal favorites...

Pictures of designers Hamptons homes. Need I say more?

The staple for every home.

The gorgeous Tom Ford book. I was beyond excited the day I got this one. Not only are the pictures stunning, but so is Tom!

What are the books that everyone else thinks are must haves?


Stick It to Me

I am LOVING these stick and branch like light fixtures.

Picture via Delight by Design

Picture via Coco & Kelley

Picture via Chic Coles


Double Take

How do you feel about this...

I imagine that this large, abstract piece of art was not cheap.

Miles Redd



Furniture Friday 11.20.09

I just ordered some of these beauties for my clients kitchen. Maybe I should have ordered some for myself as well.


Oh My!

I would like to thank the Academy...or I would actually like to thank M from Pink Martinis and Pearls for my wonderful award and nomination. I actually have known M for some time now and I enjoy not only her amazing skills in the kitchen (she is better than Martha) but her wicked sense of humor.

With this award I am supposed to reveal 10 little known facts about me. I have done this before so it will be interesting to see what else I think is remotely interesting about me.

Here we go...

1. I am a shopping stalker. Visiting items can sometimes be just as good as buying them...until they disappear. :(

2. I was a cheerleader all through high school.

3. I had long, blonde hair up until 3 years ago.

4. My husband once asked me where I wanted to go on Fancy Date Night and I responded with Taco Bell. (I think this is why he married me.)

5. I lived in Sugar Land, Texas until I was 11. Yes, it is a real place.

6. It can sometimes take me hours to pick out a birthday card.

7. I can recite lines from the TV show ALF.

8. I LOVE to organize...but just my things.

9. I want to be just like my mother. She is amazing. (This is no secret though.)

10. I LOVE my birthday. I demand a month of celebration. My poor husband.

Next I am to give this award to a blog that my readers may not know about...

Congrats and Enjoy!



Red Carpet Rooms 11.16.09

Reese Witherspoon has only gotten more stylish over the years. These are some of my favorite Red Carpet moments with her.

Feminine and Detailed

Picture by Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic

Powerful in Purple

Gleaming in Gold with a POP of Red

Chic and Shimmery


Furniture Friday 11.13.09

Entry Table Envy

I have a VERY small entry at my home, but I dream of the day when i might be able to have enough room for one of these beauties.

Picture via House Beautiful

Picture via Domino

Jonathan Adler

Max Azria's Home


Feeling Federal

For some reason lately I have started to be drawn to eagles. I am trying to tell myself that it is really the Federal style that I am loving, but I am getting worried.

Pictures via Semigloss Chic

Let's not forget one of my last purchases either.


Merci Beaucoup part deux

So there were just TOO many beautiful pictures from Merci for one post...so here is part deux.