Holiday Giveaway!

In honor of the holidays (and my favorite puppy, Dorothy Mantooth) I decided it was time for my first giveaway.

What better way to combine them both than with a shiny new gold ornament from
Mr. Jonathan Adler!

Pictures via Rebecca June

To enter all you have to do is the following 3 things:

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I will announce the winner on Friday December 3rd.
What better way to end the week?

Good Luck!


Rebecca June


The Stockings Were Hung...

This weekend is not only my favorite because of the family, food and friends but because it also means it is time for Christmas season to begin!

Like clockwork, the day after Thanksgiving is spent picking out our tree, hanging stockings and lights, and getting the house ready for nights in by the fire.

I had already gotten a new ornament that I fell in love with from Anthropologie that has been sitting in the hall closet just waiting to be hung.

Flamestitch / Missoni-esque Heaven.

Not to mention it is BIG.

All Pictures via Rebecca June

Dorothy is not a fan of the chaos that is involved when moving the tree into our house. Not to mention it was colder than it has been all year here so she took cover under my husbands sweatshirt on the bed.

Good choice Dorth.


Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish everyone the happiest holiday and I hope you are all dining with friends and family at the table of your dreams!


Rebecca June


Smells Like a Winner

Another reason I was excited to see the newest issue of Rue was for the beautiful home and office of Amanda Malson and Jolene Ballard of Domicile interior design.

While their place was a classic beauty, I was most excited to see all of the floral arrangements done by my BFF Brynne!

Looks Gorgeous!



I Rue You

There are a million things I could have posted from Issue #2 of Rue, but really all I could think about was the below image.

Where in hell did Windsor Smith get this snakeskin jewelry armoire?

I need it.

I am obsessed.

It would be the perfect piece for my closet.



Whirlwind Weekend

I barely remember my weekend, but from what I heard it was good.

Never, never have I camped out for anything. I like my bed to much.
However, Lanvin for H&M was the first thing to ever make me want to stand out in the dark and rainy early morning to get the chance to buy something that I wasn't just going to put up on eBay like everyone else.

With my dear friend I camped out at South Coast Plaza for 4 hours and ended up with the skirt below and a necklace (that was actually a belt) that I will keep and happily wear.

I cannot even tell you how frustrating it was to watch the girls AND boys in front of me walk out with bags and bags of dresses that you know they are just going to head home and photograph to make a quick buck. I could have slapped a few people.

I was quite impressed with the H&M staff though. In between each small group that was allowed in the Lanvin area to shop they cleared the group out and then I swear the entire staff came in and put the whole place back together.
Jewelry back in boxes. Clothes back on racks. Shoes in shoe boxes.
It made for a wonderful experience after sitting in a luxury shopping mall for hours.

The craziest part?

After being up for 8 hours I was off to the first of two baby showers this weekend.

Flowers and cupcakes ruled both my Saturday and Sunday.

It is so wonderful that so many friends are having babies, but I am definitely in a sugar coma from champagne and frosting.

At least this week is short and I can look forward to another few days in a food induced coma with more friends and family.

Happy Monday!


Back to my Roots

I am more than likely going to do this to my hair very soon.

I like the idea of using this as a transition from blonde to brunette...again.

The problem for having an amazingly talented hairdresser as your best friend, is that sudden whims and desires can happen.

"I'm bored maybe I should cut bangs."
"I'm bored let's chop all of my hair off to my chin."

Luckily I do not think this will be as extreme, but I guess we will see what happens.


In Awe of Amethyst

If there wasn't a boy living in my house, all my doors would be this color.

Picture via Layers of Meaning



That is what happens when you find this...


You can buy this beauty here.


Hard Hat Required

This weekend seemed like one BIG, never ending project.

1. Adding shelving in laundry room - This proved to be very time consuming purely because our drill decided it did not want to hold a charge. I tried to keep my cool, but I became infuriated. This should have been the quickest project of the weekend. It wasn't.

2. Storage - Well, I have always been a bit of a 'keeper.' "I may use this someday." "I might need this in the future." "This is such a good deal..." These phrases often pass through my lips and now that I am years into being an interior designer my addiction and our lack of storage space has caught up with me. Luckily my husband does not think I have gone too far but we finally got a storage unit to clear up some space in our closets at home. This meant boxing everything up, loading our truck, and dragging everything somewhere else.

The above led to...

3. Organizing the Hall closet- the Hall closet was full of wrapping paper and gift bags (I also have a paper problem) I guess that is what occurs when your job in general is too make things look nice. This also meant deciding which pillows needed to stay close and which pillows could leave. I know you all feel my pain.


4. My Husbands Closet - no we are not fancy and have 2 luxurious closets in our Master bedroom, I am bratty and took the Master closet for myself. Well, pretty early on my hubs realized there is no way his stuff would fit and he gave up. Anyways, this meant a late night trip to Ikea (the only time to go) and an entire closet being strewn out in our den. It is finally back together after the Ikea trip, a Target trip and about 3 trips to Bed, Bath & Beyond. At least at B,B&B I bonded with the cashier out of our hatred for people.

We still never got to organizing our 'garage.' So I currently have a mountain bike in my dining room.

I already need it to be Friday again.


Red Carpet Rooms 11.11.10

While there was only one single ensemble that I even remotely like from last nights CMAs, I will tell you I was not surprised that it was worn by Carrie Underwood.

Masculine and structured gray tulle, with a feminine twist.

When I saw her in this dress I knew exactly what it reminded me of...

Carrie Underwood
Dress by Talbot Runhof
Picture via People

another dress designers lovely office.

Monique Lhuillier

How fitting that Carrie who seems to wear effortlessly feminine dresses looks like she could come out of the office of another woman who designs dresses with those same qualities. (The pop of yellow was pure perfection.)


A Possible DIY

I am thinking that if Nichole from Parlour could make that crazy lantern out of 800 million coffee filters, I might be able to make one of these.

Pictures via A Life More Fabulous


Merry Christmas to Me

So we all know how much I love this picture from Domino...

and that is because of this discontinued beauty.

Picture via Williams Sonoma Home

Until today when my rep brought this picture into my office.

Merry Christmas to me!


Tattoo Me

Picture via Sephora

So the other day I was at the mall with my mother and I was trying to decide on gel vs. liquid liner. I wanted to try out something new and needed an opinion. I had pretty much decided on a gel. Well, we had to go into Sephora anyways, so I took a look around. That is when my life changed. A lovely girl helped guide me to a make-up line that I never thought I would try - Kat Von D. Well it turns out, I was missing out.

Kats Tattoo Liner is probably the most amazing thing that has ever happened to my make-up routine. It is like someone gave me a fine tip marker for my eyes. This has the finest tip you could ever imagine, a tip as soft as a paintbrush, and a quick drying matte black liner that I love. Basically it is like an art supply for your face.

When you think about Kat and what she does it all makes sense. I HIGHLY recommend you go out and get your own. It is pretty much idiot proof.
Buy it HERE for $18.


Bridal Buzz

I had drinks with a girlfriend tonight.

Now my head is buzzing with pictures like these...

Beyond excited.


Modern Maven

Elizabeth over at Modern 24/7 has always been so gracious that I am not surprised that her beautiful place seems to have that same ease.

She posted pictures on her blog the other day and I just cannot stop staring.

The furniture, the accessories, and the art!

Pictures via Modern 24/7


The Dress

Last night I went with my best friend to go make the most important decision of her life...her wedding dress.

We found it and it is her.

I could not be more excited to be a part of her wedding and stand beside her on that special day.

I love you Jess.

Now, what shoes are you going to wear?


Watch Me

I originally went to the Plum website to watch the Kate and Andy Spade videos done with Adam Rapoport, but when I got there I watched all of the Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler videos which, just as you can imagine, are beyond enjoyable!

See the full episodes here.

Picture via The Selby