The Stockings Were Hung...

This weekend is not only my favorite because of the family, food and friends but because it also means it is time for Christmas season to begin!

Like clockwork, the day after Thanksgiving is spent picking out our tree, hanging stockings and lights, and getting the house ready for nights in by the fire.

I had already gotten a new ornament that I fell in love with from Anthropologie that has been sitting in the hall closet just waiting to be hung.

Flamestitch / Missoni-esque Heaven.

Not to mention it is BIG.

All Pictures via Rebecca June

Dorothy is not a fan of the chaos that is involved when moving the tree into our house. Not to mention it was colder than it has been all year here so she took cover under my husbands sweatshirt on the bed.

Good choice Dorth.


  1. I got that exact same ornament, its amazing! And I love your West Elm stocking, wish I had snatched that one up

  2. i did a post about that ornament too! LOL! So pretty, and that middle stocking is gorgeous!

  3. I want those ornaments on my tree immediately!

  4. So pretty! That missoni ornament is so cool!

  5. I love the stockings and how you decorated the Christmas tree! :) Gorgeous!