Tattoo Me

Picture via Sephora

So the other day I was at the mall with my mother and I was trying to decide on gel vs. liquid liner. I wanted to try out something new and needed an opinion. I had pretty much decided on a gel. Well, we had to go into Sephora anyways, so I took a look around. That is when my life changed. A lovely girl helped guide me to a make-up line that I never thought I would try - Kat Von D. Well it turns out, I was missing out.

Kats Tattoo Liner is probably the most amazing thing that has ever happened to my make-up routine. It is like someone gave me a fine tip marker for my eyes. This has the finest tip you could ever imagine, a tip as soft as a paintbrush, and a quick drying matte black liner that I love. Basically it is like an art supply for your face.

When you think about Kat and what she does it all makes sense. I HIGHLY recommend you go out and get your own. It is pretty much idiot proof.
Buy it HERE for $18.


  1. I was never a liquid liner kinda girl... mostly because im clutzy. But maybe ill try this.

    I usually use this pencil that is really like a crayon and you dont have to sharpen it because you twist it out of a tube. Really good.

  2. That is how I am. I am not fussy, but I swaer the make-up thing is just not in my blood. This makes it much more like I am just drawing on my face. Perfect.


    Rebecca June