What I Wore - Ikat on my Pants

A little ikat always makes any day better.
Especially if it is hot pink!

Top - J. Crew
Pants - Joe's Jeans
Shoes - Sam Edelman
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - Tai and Nadri
iPhone Case - Kate Spade 

Dorothy Mantooth snuggles in the morning also make me feel better.

All Pictures via Rebecca June


New Tai Goodies

Finally some new jewels are in at our office!

Here are all the goodies.  Email me if you are interested!

Black with Gunmetal, Mint with Rose Gold, Cream with Gold

Evil Eyes
Gold with Turquoise - $48
Silver with Blue or Black with Silver - $46

Peace Sign
Khaki with Gold or Gray with Silver

Gold or Black

Hamsa Hand
Cream and Gold

Black Cord with Gold and Gunmetal

All Picture via Rebecca June

Gold Oval Necklace - $56


Instagram Me

Whats been on my Instagram lately...

 Vintage J. Crew bubble necklace

Kate Spade motto

Visiting my old home 

A little sequin and fringe courtesy of Zara

A simple neck party


Hot, Hot Heat

It has been a little too humid in Southern California lately.
It is starting to feel more like I am back living in Texas!

With the heat, comes my shorts!

Shorts - J. Crew

Shorts - Gap
Wedges - Christian Louboutin

Shorts - Gap

Shorts - Gap


Blogging - Highs and Lows

If you are in the blogging world, or even on Pinterest, you have by now experienced the ups and downs of having this double life.

The highs:

New friends who seem to love everything you say and do.
Seeing beautiful interior and fashion images that spark your imagination.
Finding new treasures that you could fit into your wardrobe and lifestyle effortlessly.

The lows:

New friends who condone every dime you think about spending.
Seeing all these pretty images make you sad about your current home.
Finding amazing new things that you obsess about.

Ok...so its true.  Both the highs and lows.

So here is my latest high and low wrapped in one.

They also come in these adorable 'oui' and 'yes' rings.

While the cost is not bad, $35, I have to come to terms that I cannot have every little thing I want.
On the other hand, how cute would it be to have a ring with not only my hubbys name but also one for my little Dorothy Mantooth?


Taken Down by Allergies

My weekend had a few highs, but it was filled with more lows.

My allergies have been out of control all year, but this weekend they took me out for the count.  With my eyes watering, constant sneezing, and my night stand full of tissues, I was their slave.  

With Benadryl being my only friend, by the time I felt better, I was ready for a long nap.

Let me live vicariously through you all...what did you guys do this weekend?


Mirror on a Rope

While a round mirror is not the best feng shui, I may have to take that risk because I am obviously loving a round mirror on a rope.

Pictures via Pinterest

More is Better

Clearly I need to start living by this motto.

All Pictures via Pinterest


Round Two with Kelly Wearstler

So, this arrived.
(after I ordered it)

I loved every moment of unwrapping it.

Pretty paper.  Pretty box.

Et voila!

So I posted the pic of my new bauble, and my new BFF Kelly Wearstler felt compelled to respond again.

I happen to agree with you Kelly!


Dreaming of Tomorrow

Monday almost sucked my soul out of me.

I need this lovely short week more than ever.  

I may not be laying on the beach, but I will be laying in the sun next to a pool with a stiff drink in my hand.


Red Carpet Rooms 7.2.12

I am sure by now you have all seen Blake Lively rocking this amazing Zuhair Murad gown.  She is pretty hard to miss.  My first thoughts were, I know I have seen some rooms that are rocking that same feel too.

Both of the below pics involve the great Kelly Wearstler.

The banquette upholstered in her fabric.

Not to mention, the pic Kelly herself posted on her instagram of the "Stairway to Heaven."
I have to agree.