Happy Halloween 2011

This halloween I went as Rachel Zoe.

Here are the events that followed:

I got an emergency call on my banana phone.

I met a lady from my favorite deacde - the 70s.

There was a sad panda.

I cheered her up with ba-na-nas.

Then last night my hubby and my brother and his girlfriend all carved our pumpkins. We waited until the night before Halloween because last year our pumpkins shriveled up and rotted before Halloween.

Oh, Dorothy Mantooth.

All Pictures via Rebecca June

Happy Halloween!


Rebecca June


High End VS. Low End

So while flipping through my backlog of fashion magazines for the last three months, I came across this Isabel Marant bracelet.

My first thought was, "I own that."

Picture via Rebecca June

Except that mine was 10 pounds in a London market that I was cruising two years ago with my BFF Jessica. I think they are identical.

I am so ahead of the curve.


Instagram Gratification

I always forget that some of my followers may not be on Instagram, so I thought I would share a few photos from the week.

Stacks of Bracelets are always good.

A tiny picture from an install last week.

My new favorite watch.

The best present ever...Dorothy Mantooth.

A tweed skirt that makes me feel like it is finally fall.

All Pictures via Rebecca June


Jewelry Makes It All Better

I was out cruising the newest Forever 21 looking like this:

Shirt: J. Crew
Jeans: Current/Elliott
Sandals: Colin Stuart
Bracelets: J. Crew
Watch: Michael Kors
Bag: Alexander Wang
Sunglasses: Chloe
Nail Polish: Deborah Lippman - Glamorous Life

Then I started crashing.
I went into a full allergy tailspin. It was awful.

The worst part was that Sunday was going to be busy.
Not one, but two birthday parties. One was for my mother.

Well, I went and she made me feel better by letting me wear this:

Pictures via Rebecca June

Hello lovely Aquamarine chunk of happiness on my finger.

While it did not make my allergies go away, it definitely lifted my spirits!


Happy Birthday to My Mother

Happy Birthday to my mom.

She is the person I want to be. I hope to be. I dream of being.

I hope she also continues to loan me her jewelry for posting this picture. I love it, but will she?


Rebecca June


This Little Penguin Wears a Sweater

Picture via Etsy

When I saw the above picture on the Etsy blog, it stopped me in my tracks. Being an animal lover, I couldnt help but smile when I saw the little penguin wearing a sweater. How ironic I thought. However, apparently the sweater has a purpose.

There was a recent oil spill in New Zealand that reeked havoc on the environment. Volunteers are rushing to help clean up all of the animals and penguins in the area but until then, they need sweaters. These sweaters help keep the penguins warm and also prevent them from getting any oil in their system.

I wish I knew how to knit. If I did, I would be knitting a ton of sweaters for these little guys.
If you know how to knit, go HERE and read the directions and start whipping them up.


Im a Design Insider

I was so excited to be asked to share something special with the Elle Decor readers.


Rebecca June


The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor

This past weekend I went to the MOCA at the PDC and was thrilled to view the collections of Elizabeth Taylor with the two other stylish women in my life: my mom and my aunt.

Since Christies was auctioning the jewels, clothing, and other momentos of Elizabeth Taylors, they decided to put them on tour for the public, and possibly bidders, to view before auctioning them off. Luckily, we got tickets.

You never know how crowded or how chaotic these things could be. Especially with someone as iconic as Elizabeth Taylor.

She was stunning.

At the top of the stairs was this beautiful silver Andy Warhol, not for sale, but on loan to the exhibit.

This however is for sale.

A wonderful handwritten note to Liz from Andy.

"To Elizabeth - a big kiss - Andy Warhol"

Now what we were most surprised to see was all the clothing. Nothing was behind cases. They were just on mannequins in the space. It was similar to walking through Saks. You could reach out touch the clothes...although we were asked not to.

These Versace jackets were spectacular in person. While they are not my style, the beading was beyond anything that you can imagine.

These beautiful coral, amethyst and diamond bracelets were stunning and are estimated to sell for $70 - 100k.

The Mike Todd antique diamond tiara - est. sale: $60-80k

The Windsor Brooch - est. sale $400-600k
This was bought by Elizabeth Taylor at auction for sentimental reasons as she said she often admired it when Wallis Simpson wore it.

No for the real deal. The reason the three of us went.

The Krupp Diamond

33.19 carats of beauty.

There were also her lilac bound scripts...

and her three Academy Awards.
(These are also not for sale)

All Pictures via Rebecca June

All in all, it was a fun filled amazing evening and totally worth checking out.

Check out the tour schedule here before all these babies get auctioned off!


Falling for Skirts

I am not one of those girls who has a 'summer wardrobe' and a 'winter wardrobe.' I need to be able to wear my clothes all year round. Luckily in Southern California, that is pretty easy. It will get chilly though, and I am loving the idea of making my skirts more "fall appropriate" with the help of chunky knits, tights, and boots!

Picture via Pintrest

Picture via Glitter Guide

OK, so this next one is not very winter-y, but I love this DVF skirt and I want it BAD.

Picture via Brooklyn Blonde


Tune In Tuesday - Revenge

So with the new fall lineup my DVR has been kicked into overdrive.

Is it sane for a household of two people that have three tvs to also require three dvrs? I am almost ready to take the plunge for number three.

Anyways, I have been totally seduced by my newest tv addiction, Revenge.

A very wealthy girl - Emily Thorne - has moved back to her childhood home in the Hamptons to seek revenge against those who put her father in prison.

I am greatly simplifying this.

Basically her dad was the scapegoat for a huge money laundering scheme that was supposedly feeding into a terrorist organization that killed numerous people. Now that Emily Thorne, or Amanda as she was born (I know, watch and it makes sense), is back and she is taking each person who played a role in ruining her fathers life down. She is not just taking them down, she is out to ruin their lives as they did her fathers - he died in jail - and enjoying every moment of it.

Im telling you. Find the past episodes, watch, and get sucked in.

Your Welcome.


J. Crew Jollies

I am constantly perusing the J. Crew website to add items to my wish list or tell my local store associates, most of which I know by name, what I want added to my wish list.

Here are the latest:

Everyone needs a leopard flat.

All Pictures via J. Crew


Instagram Pictures

For those of you not on Instagram, I thought I would share some of my recent pic.



What I Wore - Dancing Until 5am

What happens in New Orleans, only happens in New Orleans.

On Thursday night I went out with a ton of people that were in town for my friends wedding, and somehow - a few hurricanes later - we were dancing in and out of bars until 5am. The last time I saw 5am was when I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.


This was my unintended out-all-night party outfit.

Top - Joie
Jeans - Gap
Sandals - Colin Stuart
Clutch - Streets Ahead
Necklace - Unknown - any ideas?
Ring - Michael Kors
Bangles - Nadri and Michael Kors

Pictures via Rebecca June


Modern 24/7 and Me

(I am so gross in this pic because my hubs and I had walked for miles and it was a tad humid - please excuse the mess I am)

During my brief stay in New Orleans, the one thing I knew I had to squeeze in between my BFFs wedding and beignets was meeting Elizabeth from Modern 24/7.

I cannot remember the first time that Elizabeth and I contacted one another but it seems as though it was forever and a day ago and meeting her was beyond what I thought it would be. She is bubbly, fun, sweet, and feels like someone I might need to talk on the phone to 3 times a day.

She was kind enough to teach me several things during our visit too:

1. NOLA is the smallest BIG city

2. Must see - The Jean Lafitte Blacksmith Bar - run only by candlelight

3. Everyone in NOLA wants to be a vampire

4. Prison Shots - please inquire for more details

Last but nowhere close to Least:

5. That she has beyond dreamy taste as you can see in her incredible store below!

Smokey the pretty model kitty from yesterdays post was also hers.
She decided after Katrina that she wanted to live in E's beautiful store, and who can blame her. Maybe next time I visit, I can crash here too.

The DREAMY chandelier that I really wanted to take home with me. Shell and rock crystal might be just what I need over my dining room table. Ugh, I am still thinking about it.

All Pictures via Rebecca June